Fat Clown finished

finally did it :slight_smile:

i decided against the absinth stuff and remade the setup of one of the wips that just had more style :slight_smile:

software used:
blender,firefox,gimp,eye of gnome,wine+irfanview ^^


WIP-thread here: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=56322&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

Wow, that’s very nice :o !

I have two crits:

  • DOF can be better - I don’t like that the chin is so blured
  • The gums are way too brown.

Fix these two and I would have no further crits

He’s ugly as hell.

But it’s a nice work.


one comment.

AAAAAaaaaaah! [>] runs

Looks great. thumbs up

To bad you didnt render his whole upperbody. It looked really good.

i loved watching your wip, this is an amazing piece of work;however i think you went a little overboard on the blurring, everything is modelled and textured so well, it shouldn’t be blurred at all, let people see it in it’s entirety. People will focus on the face anyway, you don’t need to encourage them to.

Very nice texturing and light setup, modeling is top notch too. This must the reason why some kids are afraid of the clowns.


You just reminded me of how much I hate clowns. If that was your goal, to creep me out, then you are a master at what you do! :wink:

I’m also wondering: You list Firefox as an app you used on this, what did you use Firefox for? I thought it’s just a web browser… Unless you mean Fireworks, which isactually a graphics program…

Anyway, your image is of superb quality, even if it scares the crap out of me!

It would be perfect, but teeths…
It looks they’re porcelain or something, totaly broken part of character in my opinion.
Try make them more real - some nicotin sediment, decay maybe… discolour… Please, repair it, then your work will be really great!!!
And DOF - chin should be a bit more sharp IMHO.

Please, don’t rest on laurels. This could be one of the best Blender works.

Love it :o

the eves look a little off and the teeth too, but it’s realy awesom apart from that, congratulations!

Great work. Top notch stuff.

I do have to agree with whats been said about the blur though. It looks like its been smudged in photoshop or gimp, not like its been used with DOF.

The little hairs are the best addition.

Even though this one is scary as hell, who can be afraid of such funny creatures as clowns! :o :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy Crap!! Thats amazing! I have a fear of clowns. But i like to make things about crazy ones all the same. Top-notch. :smiley:

Really great. Great pose as well.

Great stuff, one of the best characters I´ve seen on Blender so far.

Only two crits that could take it further:

  1. The wrinkles on top of his head are too straight, there should be
    more elaborate crackled wrinkles.

  2. The lips are way too clean imho. They need detailed wrinkles like
    the “rest” of the man…it´s obvious that he´s fat, obese, sweaty and
    a tad nasty - no man like that have such clean lips :wink:

Damnly awesome!
Just add wrinkles to the lips and wet gums and it will be perfect. Great job.


WOW !!!

(the right side of clown’s face seems a litle faceted? low subd?)

my god awesome detail, loads of effort into this and its all consistant and complete! runs to the wip thread to check out


Sweet! I missed the WIP thread and just read it. Haha, an ad for Absinthe - get a drink and meet this clown :D.

I love the character and the lighting, especially with the hair. I agree, the teeth and the gums could need some more work and the blur is a bit too much, but these are minor issues.

Great work.

wow! good picture!

really good. I only dont like DOF here and you could work a little more on lighting, but anyway, its really good work. congratulations :smiley: