Felicia Blend

Hello so Im putting an end to this project, its been really fun and learned alot,
And a shout out to the ppl of blenderartist who helped commenting my wip and focused critic Cheers.

I did the main sculpting in Zbrush and texturing, the rest in blender

Oh , and did it all with my mouse Cheers.

For better resolution, visit my artstation , and if you like give me a like :slight_smile:


and them together and the AO pass


Wow! Beautiful. Can’t wait to hear the feedback on this. The final result is beyond me. Really good skin and eyes.

Beautiful. Have you tried to render her with a HDRI background? I’d be curious how realistic it would look.

Felicia Blend is so cute! :slight_smile: Great job!

Hello guys and thank you so much! :slight_smile:
FXR, - u and me both : )

Thorst, havent done that , ill think of that the next time . :slight_smile:

gr8 , thank you mate ! : )

She is really beautiful, congrats.

Awesome work

It has turned out great and definitely is realistic! Congrats on completing it! I just hope your hand isn’t dead from doing all with a mouse. :smiley:

thank you guys and thx for the help in the wip section :slight_smile: hands doing alright :wink:

Great finish, looks great up top!

Great job, congrats.

Great job on this! I was wondering if you could give a bit more insight on the texturing aspect, it was all done in ZBrush? I’d like to get into character design and am trying to understand the best way to go about materials. I’m not sure about either doing it in Blender, or if another app, ZBrush, Substance Painter, 3D Coat or Mari.

This is great work indeed. But could it be that there is no subsurface scattering in the skin material ?
Shadows looks so greyish/black.
I guess this would be essential for making it as photorealistic as it could be at this level of the magnificent work that has been done already.

Well, you made the top row. Not bad.

Bye, Felicia

Thank u photox !:slight_smile: he kind of like it over there :wink:

Thank u özgur :slight_smile:
hello anthonyw, Well the way i do IT in zbrush is that i first sculpt IT and then i paintball direktflyg on the polygons like u can do in blender aswell. And after Im Done with that i went in to Photoshop and added little dots and imperfections :slight_smile: cheers

hellp arton, Well there is actually sss i. The skin, but in the color Gradin in the post production i had to lower the red value since IT was to much. But IT Aldo depemds in how u light the scen. For exempel IF i would remove the har the rara would be really red due to the sss. IF u look at real photos with similar shadow u wont see to much red. Cheers :slight_smile:

hello FXR! Yes finally /) actually super proud, never been on top there and real happt about it, thx for the help in the focused crituque section :slight_smile:

garet she says bye back :wink:

Could you give a little bit more insight on the skin texuring please? Render looks great!

WOW respect doing this with a mouse! She looks very well done :wink:

PS one thing is miss though is the fluid below the eye, in the lower eye lid . See attached, she looks a bit freaky cause of the missing hear. This was just a test