How to make realistic face?

I wasn’t sure if I should post this under Modeling or Materials and Textures category. So I posted in Tutorials.

I was going through recent featured posts and I found this: Felicia Blend


I am highly inspired by that. I’m relatively newer to Blender and have gone through beginners and intermediate tutorials by Blender Guru.

I’m looking for a tutorial and other resources regarding modeling, shading/texturing, fur, lighting to help me get results like in that post (or at least take me to that direction). You community members might know of such resources. I know I need to keep patience, I’m ready for that.

Some background:
I have some knowledge of the entire 3D pipeline as I have studied it in animation school and have been working as a Technical Artist for a year. Although I know a little about all the departments, the knowledge I have is very shallow. Because I had more interest in programming than the artistic side.

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Creating a realistic face is among the most challenging things you can do in 3D. Hats off for that and compliments :slight_smile:

The steps would be:

  • sculpting with good anatomy (or vertex modeling, but that would be more difficult, once you got into sculpting)
  • retopologizing (obviously not necessary if you start with vertex modeling)
  • uv unwrapping
  • texture painting
  • hair grooming with particle hairs
  • shading, look development & lighting
  • rendering

All the steps can be done in Blender. And, after that you’ll be through the whole pipeline. For each step there are plenty of tutorials on the net.

rybergs, the creator of the amazing piece you found, has documented his whole 3 month’s process in his WIP thread: going realistic

Maybe this thread is a good start and if you create a WIP thread of your own you will receive plenty of help on the way, for sure.


I found this page a while ago. It was a enjoyable read, and I think it has some of what you are looking for.