Going realistic critic the sh*t out of it plz . : )

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Hello guys, so I Havent been doing much 3d in the last year, and havent really been inspired.

But then I got an alert of someone here on Ba that mentioned my w ork on Felica Blend , and said that it made him inspired, so That made me inspired… :smiley: ( How to make realistic face?)

So I thought I give the realistic female look another try. Ive now been sculpting and doing textures etc for 3days and this is the results so far. been doing all in 2.8 (Love it) Still far to go but ye here is where im at now.

I will post all the different angles wireframes etc but ye : ) Glade to be back to blender anyways :slight_smile: cheers

oh and btw " minoribus thx for the nice comments ! :slight_smile:


nice sculpt

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I’d say that’s pretty damn realistic, especially the lips.

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a little update, this is just a test for the hair, but have fiddle abit with the textures and lights ,

big problems right now is the hair and the biggest one the eyes… but will fix it tommorow… cheers


so a little more updates comming this way… think im set on they hair style now its just that i have to make it look good, changed the eyes, will add eye lashes and change the eyebrowns… cheerS :slight_smile:


Looking good so far!

just a little update, worked a little on the hair and the overall texture. eyelashes and eyebrows are next.

think ill have to revisit some bumps aswell, they eyes i figure will look better with the lashes…

changed the lighting to the oposite side just to spot errors.



Make hair curve fragments because it bothers me that I can see corners :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, with hairstyle like this hair do not overlap, they either go left or right, creating a clear parting

hello and ty for feedback, what do u mean with corners ? , well frizzy hair kind of goes all kinds of way thats why its frizzy :wink: as u can see here theese 2 images theyre hair is going in both directions, dident use theese as refrence just showing what I mean.

You can see straight segments slowly turning, with curve you will not see them.

Also, those are different hairstyles, and different hair types. Althought on the right one you can see that one part is going clearly left, and one is going clearly right. Not sweep-swoop.

They go like this, the more hair someone has, the smaller/less visible the parting is.

They never go like this. It’s possible to accomplish a similar effect to this with this comb:

But it will never look normal, and also 90% of time it will just create a ZigZag type of parting.

The only time when such effect kind-of appears is when someone has curly hair and tries to comb them (not starting on the skin).

Also, I think hair should be either a bit thinner or shaded in other way. Is that principled hair bsdf?

ah okay now I see but that hair has the exact same curves as the one just a tad higher , its just behind it making the illusion its starts there, but y could just move it. But ye this hair is far from final, ye just slapped on that shader have my own but just put on some hair to feel the feminin part of the character, have a long way to go before its finished.

and ye probly could make it thinner, its just combing in 2.8 isent possible as I know, so im bringing it in to 2,79 and bk, and ye the hair on top was making her look bald so just upped the children :smiley:

but thx for the feedback will translate it to som more progress…

and yes hehe the top of the hair dont have a good hairline, that im aware of , will fix it

off to bed, ty for the feedback

testing out some hair and lighting

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This is one of the best faces I’ve seen in a while, great work. I’d stick with higher lighting levels until the very end and then get artsy with it. All of the primary, and mosty secondary forms are there. but the finer elemnts need work, like pores, and roughness, overall more varaition/noise/bump imperfections. Insane progress!

my paintover:


Hey Mate, ! and thx alot, hmm yes yes oh how I love theese kinds of paints overs, : ) will definenty work in thoose.

I often come to a point where I think , hmm should i move the cheek just a little, and 3 hours later, naa. :slight_smile:

Will check out all of your suggestions and repost… thanks alot !, btw u are not a fan of red hair colour I see… :wink:

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Yeah I’m familiar with nudging things around endlessly! I would stop, and keep pushing on with the other stuff, and definitely get some hair going. Most good hair has like 10 different systems. You just can’t do it all with one.

I might rig it (or shapekey it) to and work on asymmetry. It really breathes life into it.


Ye i know think i got 4 different systems on my earlier model.

Ye some good asymmetry is needed aswell as u say.

Well bk on the horse :slight_smile:

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so a little update, some more lashes, and changed the hair colour, since i really dont wanna make brown hair this time ( will probly end up brown anyways … :smiley: ) …

fixed the skin colour a bit, will add more variations, added som more bump on the entire face including the forhead. added a little bit black around the eyes, aka makeup,

Will add som more voloume under her eyes so we could see the roundness more from the eyeball… will also edit the hair, its like a starting place.

will go back and tweak the lashes aswell… .but ye for now here is where we are


Seems like you found one of my old girlfriends…apparently enjoying her company.
Seriously, this is careful & thorough work, at a pretty high professional level imho.
I actually suggest that you just make 3-4 versions of her, as (temporarily) “finished” portraits. Then, leave the project alone for a week or 2; then, return to it, & choose whichever version you prefer, & give it whatever final tweaks you think it will need at that time.
As a design professional (architect), I find that there is often a point at which one is, intensely, making a design different-revised-different, in order to make it damn near perfect - & it doesn’t get nearer to “perfect,” just different. So, perhaps, leave it alone, go away, come back with a fresh eye…
? Just a thought.
Great work, though; look forward to seeing more of it.