Female Body(Warning Nudity)(Update 10-28 page 3)

This a model that I made a long time ago but never finish it. So I been making some changes and this is what I have so far.

I know it needs more detail in the arms and legs. But I will get to it.

Any C&C is welcome. :smiley:

Just a small observation, the legs seem to be too long for the body. The legs
should be about the same length as the torso.

Althiom, the picker of nits.

Wooooweee! That woman can probably leap over cars. She’s quite well made, though I think the legs may be a tad overkill…but, hey, if that’s what you like. Other than that, she’s quite impressive. Lets get some close ups to give better advice.

That girl’s all legs! :o and I dont mind :wink: It kinda gives her an anime look.

she is sexy… I like it

try adjusting the texture, looks too pale

Looks very good, except that the legs are WAY to long.

Yes the legs are way too long. In fact they are about twice as long as they need to be for a realistic human proportion and still a good deal over for anime proportions as well. A good rule of thumb is to make your human 7 heads high and have each section (torso/head and legs) half of that.

Good work, you just need to work on proportions as said above and maybe shorten the neck just a hair.

I wouldn’t say the neck is too long, IMO. I think the dog collar is just too tight. It looks to me like her face should be blue (or maybe it’s pale because no blood is going to it? :wink: ) But that is a great model. I thought about doing human modeling, but then make human came out and that killed all my motivation. :smiley: Keep up the good work.

Thanks for all the comments. lol I think I got the legs right. This is an old model so I been cleaning the mesh a lot.

So heres the update

I still need to work on the legs and arms. Specially the arms lol XD

Again C&C is welcome

Okay, the woman can still leap tall buildings in one bound, I’m sure. The legs are still far too long. You could probably take a little over a third off of them and have them accurately proportioned. That said, this is a great model, better than almost any that we see. Keep it UP!

Ok I’ll work on it. I already took a big chunk off the legs. Ill probably post something tomorrow

I found this helpful when trying to get proportions right when working on a set of legs. Good job so far, only crit is the hair seems quite well styled but it falls a bit flat against the head, needs more volume in my opinion - looks a bit lank as it is.

Third time is a charm I think :-? . Well thanks for the comments.
Heres the update

crsrma: Thanks for the link :wink:

It gets better every time, there is still something about the legs that look strange and mal-proportioned. They look to be the right thickness, but maybe they need to be barely/marginally larger at the waist. To me the curve of the hips would make the inside seem like they should be thicker than that.

Great work. Maybe the foots are a little too big. Anyway, great work.

PS: the hair-cut is my favorite!

Ah much better.

Thanks guys for all your comments. I have not touch the body in days due to the fact that the face was kinda of ugly. After a few atempts heres what I got. Im still thinking about starting a new head.

What do you guys and gals think? Any help is welcome. Im at the point of starting all over on the head :frowning: :<
So any C&C is welcome

It been a long time since my last updete. I have been busy with work. I made a lot more changes to the face.

Here it is

If there is something not right please tell me. So C&C is welcome

I was going to say she was a bit on the ugly side - she looked a bit like my mother before http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons6/32.gif. Do you have an image reference for the face? It really helps because you just zoom in and almost trace round the shapes. Her eyes look a bit googly - I think if you set them in a bit that would help a lot. Eyes are one of the most important facial features if not the most important. Don’t forget the eyelashes and eyebrows.

Also, her mouth area looks slightly disproportionately large compared to the nose - a bit like Mick Jagger. I think the lip proportions are good but you could try scaling the whole set of lips down. I’m not sure about that though, it may be the nose that needs adjusting. It looks a bit pinched like Michael Jackson. Possibly giving it more volume left and right. Try not to affect the profile because that looks nice.

I think the body is coming on well. I don’t know what kind of model you’re aiming for so C&C is difficult. It looks like you’re going for a real woman but real women tend not to be attractive. I prefer fictional babes.

Assuming the latter, the hips down look good. I would probably make her slimmer about the waist but that might not look realistic. As I say, I prefer ‘perfect’ women. Her upper body looks a bit muscular. From shoulder to elbow looks like a man’s arm or a butch lesbo perhaps but only slightly and it might be to do with the pose.

The body in general is looking good. I think the area needing tweaking is the face.

I’m actually working on a human-like character. Can you tell me how you did the skin. I’m having a lot of trouble getting the colours right. Do you have a chart of skin tones with values?

thanks osxrules.

I don’t have a reference picture. When I first Started modeling the head I did, but after a format I lost the pictures :frowning: So now i just eyeball the face.

For the mouth I think the main problem is the nose.
Also going for a mix of a real woman and a perfect one. So its kind of hard to get a good balance.

And for the skin its just a simple material. Latter on I plan on texturing I been playing around with the bump map. But I stop because I need to tweak the model overall.

heres a screen shot of the material