Female character WIP

Well hello there. Today I finally bought the blendercookie citizenship and started to do the character series. I would have tried on my own, but this will be my first human model so I’ll need some help. I will not do it exactly like in the tuorial and I will probably change the clothes a bit. Heres my progress from today.

Any comments?

looks good and going fast.

Got some more work done today. Mostly just started the base head and tweaked the shoulders. Next up will be doing the hands and then I’ll start refining the head and body. the lips are not eve nformed decently now so don’t judge them please :stuck_out_tongue: .

Got some progress on the face. Just need to join the ears and the ntweak the whole head a bit.

Yeah, looks good so far! Reminds me a little bit of Sintel.

Only the eyes are a bit problematic at the moment. The outer corners of the eyes are to far behind the inner corners. Perhaps you should bring them more to the front. Can’t see much of the topology now. This will be important if you plan to rig and animate this character.

Really a good start.

Yes those eyes need a bit of tweaking. I’ll post a screenshot of the wires when I’m done with the head. So far the topology is pretty good.

Pretty much finished the head now. But I will be tweaking it. The ears aren’t the best, but they will not be visible because of the hair. So heres a render and a wireframe.

Finished the boots today. Next i will be doing the skirt and belt. After everythign is done I’ll be sculpting in the other details. So heres a render.

Man that’s a great start for sure. You need to teach me how to do clothing. Are there any tutorials on clothing that you know of ?

If so please post the links.

Thanks joeblades. For the whole character and clothes I’m actually following the training course on blendercookie. But the full course is only for citizens so if you want to do it you’ll have to pay atleast 10$. But I think it’s worth it. Here’s the link: http://cgcookie.com/blender/cgc-series/2010-blender-training-series-intro-character-modeling/ .

I’ll be posting an update on the skirt and belts on thursday. Right now I’ve got a busy tuesday and wendsday. But here’s a new render with the body tweaked and refined.

And here are some wireframes

Hope you like it.

Today I did the skirt and belts. Tommorow or some time later I’ll be doing the top. Then I’ll do some sculpting on everything. So here’s a render.

Also has anybody got any ideas for colour palletes? I was think of going green - yellow or blue - white. Or should I try something dark?

Quite good job so far! Will you be using cycles? If so are you going to add hairs?

Yes orux I’m already using cycles. And the hair will be done with the strand rendering.

Good luck then :).

Sorry for the delay, thanks for the link, I down loaded the vids. I had problems trying to post replies, kept telling me I was not authorised and I needed to refresh the page and log in. turned out to be Internet Explorer 10 causing the problem.

Well I’m glad you did the joeblades. I got some more progress done. Did the top clothes. Now I’ll just add some details and then do some scultping. The gloves need some work too. here’s a render with some basic BASIC colours. If you think they should be diffrent then just say.

Got some more progress today. Sculpted the boots, socks, skirt and body. Will be doing more tommorow. Later I will probably andd even more details.

Hi, again good progress. Do have plans for textures already? And are you going to animate her?

Thanks Minoribus. I have thought of a few texture ideas but nothing much. It will be my first time with proper texturing. And I will be doing a walk cycle and then maybe something more. Any ideas on colours for the clothes?

Well I finally pretty much finished the model and now its time for the shaders. I got the lace texture kind of good looking and today I did the main leather texture. Now I’ll be changing the leather colours and size for all the parts. So heres a render.

And heres a smexy up close one.

by the way today I finally updated my drivers and now I can finally use my GeForce GT 525M. Life is so much better now :stuck_out_tongue: