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Just getting started.


Um wow! Seems like your not using the 2.40 though. It would save you the trouble of having to merge vertices when you join the two halfs together. The topology looks perfect so far, so no crits yet. Can’t wait to see how you finish it.

I am using 2.4. I’m using a CVS from just a few nights ago. Is there a new way to handle linked mirror duplicates that slipped by me?

The mirror modifer in the modifer stack. Its located in the items panel in the button window. The same place where Sub surfacing is. It allows you to do instances without worrying about the seam, there is a virtual seal on the seam and when your done modifying the base and ready for to uneven things out, you hit apply and its becomes one mesh! Very nice for organic modeling.

Good stuff. Thanks for the tip.


great stuff, although I think her features are too defined, it looks almost male, try smoothing some of the features such as the cheekbone

Thats a great model, but I just have to say…

You post wonderful picture of it. In the first one you have this solid - mesh - faded - transparent - thing! And it’s really cool! Then in the second one, it’s like floating above your refs, which are alligned on each other… I’m impressed.

that is some of the meanest topolgy i’ve seen on these boards yet, excellent work!!!

Always nice to see you posting your human character works. This one is no exception. Just fantastic topology work.

The ear seems to be a little thin along the top edge though.


I have a character in mind, and she’s one mean bitch. So I want her to have a stronger face. She’s going to be a (non-canon) Star Wars universe character I came up with.

I just rendered against a #666666 background and used photoshop to throw the images into a collage.

Hmmmm… OK. I’ll play with that.

Yeah, the batteries have been a little dry, so I haven’t done much lately. That, and my twin little girls always get first priority.

Great work as always Shadowman, it’s good to see more of your work.

One thing bothering me is what looks like a double crease on the side of the nose. I’m guessing maybe it’s due to one of the quads folding in the middle. Maybe it’s just because of the shading.

Good work. Nice meshing. I hope to see how you do Photorealistic skin. I am still having a tough time with one that I am working on.

Keep us updated with this thread. :smiley:

I’ve got the spec cranked up on the material for these renders, so there’s some hard shiny areas. Perhaps that’s what you’re seeing. Feel free to do a drawover.


btw how did you render out the shaded model with a wireframe overlay? that would be extremely useful for me, I could get great critiques on my topology than!

Change your viewport drawtype to “shaded”. Then under “Objects”, toggle “draw extra>wires”. Finally, on the lower toolbar for your 3d view there is a button to ‘render this window’. It’s a button on the far right. After you render your view, ‘Save image’ under ‘file’ (or F3 if you like)

I’ve got the spec cranked up on the material for these renders, so there’s some hard shiny areas. Perhaps that’s what you’re seeing. Feel free to do a drawover.[/quote]

Yeah, that must have been what I was seeing. That other image looks fine ;).

Maybe you’ll be able to get some nice results from the new hair features. Some of the test renders using hair look great but they really need a good model to show it up.

A very quick and dirty test to see if I am happy with the appearance of the face. I wanted to see if it would look a bit more feminine when I have a proper colormap. Obviously, this is not a real texturemap, but at least I know that I can move along to work on the rest of the model.


OK, I was actually concerned about the not so female features as well, but didn’t say anything at first. With the basic colour map added, she does look more femenin.

Nice work. Looking for updates.


If you have any tips for color mapping, bump mapping and texture mapping let me know! I have a face I’m working on as well. I think I may be able to unwrap it now, with the new LSCM updating feature.

Lovely modelling as always, I have nothing to critizie about.