Ferrari 308 GTB

Hi all,

Having a bit of free time at the moment, I’ve decided to finish up a project I’ve had sitting on my hard drive for sometime now - a Ferrari 308 GTB. I originally started this project by taking part in tyrant monkey’s car modelling workshop which can be found here. I learned a lot from my work there with the assistance of everyone who commented and would like to thank everyone involved!

So after the end of that workshop, this model has received very little attention from me, but that’s about to change. Now when I have the free time, I’m focusing on finishing the mesh. As it’s just a modelling project (at this point), I can pick it up and work on it a little here and there as time permits.

Anyway, without further ado…

This car has a lot of louvres/vents!!! :spin: They are everywhere!! I’ve finished them on the front fenders, hood, and side windows. I’m currently working on the rear hatch/engine cover (where there are more louvres!) and the rear window. I’ll post wire renders in the next update.

C&C welcome,

looking very nice so far.

You will get bonus points if you model Tom Selleck, double bonus points if you throw in a babe and a Hawaiian shirt. But for maximum quadruple bonus points you will need a properly modelled and shaded moustache…:cool:

P.S those clays are looking real good and its nice to see this car back.

Thanks Kemmler!!

@ tyrant monkey: roflmfao… I guess I won’t be earning any bonus points… :no:

Finished up the rear window and engine hatch, filled with more freaking louvres…:spin:

And here’s a couple of wires. All the windows are done.

I’m currently working on the cover for the mufflers at the back of the car, which happens to have vents/lovures… :spin:

If anybody notices anything wrong with the topology, please speak up!! I’m thinking about doing a 360 turntable render glossy materials and good lighting to look for problems…

till next time,

Edit: The gap in the engine cover/car body in the first pic has been tightened up quite a bit.


Time for an update! I spent quite a bit of time on the muffler cover on the back of the car, it has a total of 33 vents!:spin: Using what tools I could, (retopo, array & mirror modifiers), I created a hi-poly final mesh over my original base mesh for that part. I’ll be honest, the topology is a bit sloppy, but for the most part I was able to move the sloppiness onto to top of this part where it will never be seen or rendered.

I also found images of just the exhaust pipes and modeled them. I’ve also been adding edge loops to crease the edges of various parts as needed, mainly at the back end for now. Whenever I find topology that needs fixing, I’ve spent the time fixing it.

I’d really like to add wheels to this cause that sounds like fun, but instead I’ve been focusing on some of the more mundane details, like side marker lights…

Up next, I plan to add tail lights and all the little emblems on the back…

C&C welcomed,


Damn you are not making this easy. In order to crit I have to sit and look at some pics and actually engage the old noggin. Please, please don’t at the end stick this car in a studio render unless your studio renders are extremely good. This car looks too good for studio render it needs either a hdri back plate or a full on 3d scene.