Ferrari 812 SuperFast

So here is my latest render, expressing my love for Ferrari and italian cars :smile:. Completely built from scratch model and rendered with cycles. Used an HDRi and backplate from HDRiHAVEN. Motion blur and lens effects, filters added in 3rd party program. Critique accepted

Another render of same car is: Ferrari 812 Superfast Render Critique [WIP]



wow, it’s great!

Thanks! Appreciate your feedback.

Also, check out other renders linked in post.

Great car model, I don’t have anything to critique there. However, I think the presentation is letting the model down a bit. I would suggest maybe looking up some great car photography and looking at the kind of angles and compositions they’re using. Most people just look at an image as a whole, so even if the modeling is top notch, they will judge the pic on the overall impact :wink:

Sure, I’ll work on it.

Added new edits.

Looks awesome! :+1:

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