Fiat 500 - Pixar's Cars Style [UPDATE]

Hi there

I worked a bit on my Fiat 500 because I wasn’t really satisfied with the result yet.
It’s not totally finished yet but I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of it.
C&C welcome!
Hope you like

ps: I left the old render in the attachement too so you could see the progression. New render is on the right!
pps: wallpaper see last post!

This car is, just like the Brera, a car model for my first animation project.


the eyes don’t fit in… in cars i believe they used black circles for the eyes, damn nice work apart from that

wow, i still at the baby stages of learning blender but every time i see your guys/gals finished renders it is just amazing what you can do… your car looks great… i like it

Again I don’t really like the pixar style cars. But I love your cars.
I’m stil a novice at blender myself but after trying a car once I know how difficult it is to get right. Great job.

And what is this then???
Seems like a forgotten car for the movie

then, that must be it, the eyes are too flat, again, apart from that, great work

Really nice! This one does have that ‘Pixar’ feel to it as it looks more distorted and fun looking. You obviously have a real tallent for modeling cars!

How long is it taking you to complete these?

Keep up the awesome work!

Thanks to all for the comments!

@Tragik: thanks mate! Everyone has/had to learn blender from zero. Me too, I still need to learn a lot. This forum is very helpful when you’re learning Blender!

@Chinley: I love modeling cars and I’m pleased to hear you like them! :slight_smile:

@BleedForMe: I’ll redo the textures for the eyes. I’m not happy with 'm yet.

@Cuby: thanks! It’s hard to say how long it took me to finish it. I started this model during my exams so I didn’t model every day and maximum one or two hours a day. I guess I worked about two/three weeks on it. In hours: that will be about 60hours, I think. Don’t really know whether this is fast or slow. :o

Ciao & keep commenting & rating please,

Hey there gallardo, nice work you have got there, but certainly it could be improved -
> some parts a bit edgy I guess they could be smoother
> lighting in the scene
Good work with the topology here, but I think it could be improved a little


Update: first post.

Thanks for commenting guys, keep em comming! :wink:


Added my current wallpaper 'cause I’m really happy with the result.
Hope you like it too!
…for those who prefer a yellow one.


they eyes are still too flat. in Cars, they look like they have depth. take a look at this tutorial and maybe you can create four or five textures depending on what direction the light is coming from. or, maybe you can create a shader using nodes, but that’s way beyond me… <g>

Thanks CGuy for the comment.

I defenitely gotta do something with the eyes. I’m also not sure 'bout the colour of the eyes.
At this point I’m figgering out what’s the best/easiest way to animate them. That will probably also unfluence the way how I make and texture them.

About animating the eyes:
It would be great if they would follow an empty but I want the two eyes to move seperately, which isn’t that easy I guess. Another problem is that they are situated on the same curved plane. Someone suggested to use keyframes (but then they can’t follow an empty, right?).
All tips are welcome!


ps: sorry again for my poor English

What about having a separate texture for each eye, with “Map Input” set to “object” “Ob:Empty_L” and “Ob:Empty_R”? It should work

At a quick glance the Pixar Eyes have the pupils set at the top left, not the middle.
Also the Eyelids for the majority of the Cars are offset. It could make it easier to separate the eyes for animation if the eyebrows are off set. I don’t know about having the eyes following an empty. If I was to try this I would convert the curve to a mesh then in edit mode select one half and make the halves independent, from there you could keyframe animate the eyes independently by changing the position of the texture.
Just an idea anyway.
Great model, your style is really good.

From what i can tell the difference between the Pixar eyes and yours aren’t the eyes but the eyebrows. The pixar cars eyebrows have a little point coming down at the middle of the eyebrows between the eyes. It kinda seperates them and makes them look more “natural” to me. But yes, maybe some more depth would be good as well. Looking awsome though you really captured the look well.
Edit: Sorry. Meta-Androcto kinda said this already. I tried to stop it posting but i guess it went up anyways. :slight_smile:

great car! Pixar should have hired you :smiley:

@JESUSFRK14: Héhé, thanx lol :smiley:

i think this should illustrate a bit o, what you could do to enhance it a bit more… :confused:

Love your Fiat, voted!