Fictional/Concept car GPV1


It started as an experimental project but I felt bad not finishing it, so this car is made with Grease pencil sketches as a base for modeling, here the link to the WIP for more details : Trying out Grease pencil for car design.

I was impressed by the ease of use of this workflow, it gives instant preview of the car general shapes, which would give me more opportunities to focus on the artistic side instead of struggling to get my idea into shapes.



Honestly turned out great :+1:

Similarly toying with GP on another idea although using ortho references of existing vehicles, specifically railway locomotives & rolling stock to aid blocking out then gradually define their respective details.

So your project plus wip, has certainly provided fresh incentive to keep going with it.

Again nice job.

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It feels weird to read a feedback after 12 months, because I thought this project was a total failure since it didn’t attract any attention, so it make me really happy to see that it gave you the inspiration you need. :smiley:

It’s better to use existing vehicles CAD/blueprints or pictures to guide you with general dimensions, for this project I didn’t use any, I felt back then that it could influence the car styling and that’s why I steered clear from using any strong references.

And that was clearly a mistake, because I m pretty sure I could’ve got better result if I used more references to get something that feels more like a true road legal car.


Thanks for the tips, had scoured the internet for any info relating to this workflow and so far what you’ve achieved here is actually how I’d like to approach rapid generation of either 2 or 3d content, as well.

For context, planning to switch disciplines from hard surface modeling across to environment concept - scene asset creation, in the near future plus also because drawing with curves seems to be a more intuitive method for me personally, when creating ‘whatever’ rather than relying on subd geometry.


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Woah! this post has a legendary history :smiley: :joy: :joy:

I’m a car lover and this model here is really really good! it looks and feels sporty and family friendly at the same time, both the vibes are felt.

I just made account on this website. and thanks to that guy’s reply I got to see it today otherwise I probably wouldn’t have found it as easily!
:clap: :clap: :clap: appreciation to you! :smiley:

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