Fiend of Chaos

In the fiery pits of the underworld rules the Fiend of Chaos!

Created and rendered in realtime using Blender (no post production)

5 million verts, 10 million tris 8 gigs of fire simulation

A lot of point lights are used for self illumination.

Loving almost everything about it, the design, the pose, the cape flying, awesome!!! Just wish there was a little more color variation on the main red part. Otherwise excellent :smiley:

Thank you! And its a good point too. I was considering to add some more dirt and values to the armor but I wanted to finish this project quickly and move to the next. I was planning on some vertex paint layer. I am really hoping vertex paint system in Blender will get refurbished soon.

Your work has a very distinct style, kfir. As soon as I saw the thumbnail I knew who created it! Very cool, believable character design, and very edgy, too! The amount of detail is incredible. The turntable really shows it off well, it looks good from many angles!

I’ve never tried rendering something in realtime, but your results are very good.

Five stars from me sir.

Now that would make an epic last boss for a game. Another amazing model.

The cloth reminds me of Spawn is some way. Awesome. Five stars.

Very nice modelling though I feel that the character and form is kind of lost beneath all the armour and stuff.

Thank you guys for the comments! Appreciate it! :slight_smile:

James Candy, thats cool you said it works on many angles because this is my intention in making turntable art or sculpting in general - You want to make sure the model and its composition works on each angle well. I first work with a simplified overall maquette to plan ahead where I want everything and only after that rough in the objects.

Kalinaki, Yeah, I am impressed with game bosses. I wonder if this could fit somehow in the Diablo series…

UKNOWHO, This is something I am working on. The detail was the concept. I wanted to get a detail close to some diablo characters with complex armor. Not an easy task. Certaily I need to improve here. Maybe the tentacles take some of his form away. They were not in the original maquette.

Here is the original maquette I made for starting the design:

And here are initial wip images:

Hey bro, post it on substance painter titan contest! for sure you gonna win.


Just, though… This makes me think about Kfir…
Second though “Ho it’s Kfir” :smiley:

I felt there was too much going on untill the turntable. Great job!

Thanks! Usually contest results are not that expected though :wink: You know what I might try to get in. Just a few days left to play around with substance painter… Thanks!

Haha, yeah turns out I am developing a kfirish style. For some reason I love creating dark fantasy art. Maybe its a phase… :slight_smile: Thank you!

Yea the goal here was to reach a high level of detail. Something like the Diablo 3 characters. I drool when each time I revisit Blizzard’s cinematics.

And I wish I would have some more tools for the realtime glsl rendering. Maybe I would have some tool to help make the forms more distinctive allong the depth.

Thank you!

Very creative and innovative design and very well made. It is even more impressive as it look good from all the angle. I do like texture giving the feeling of something solid and strong. And the level of detail is quite impressive. How did you do that? Did you use the scuplting tools?

So here is an attempt to convert this sculpture into an asset for the Allegorithmic Titans contest:

Yeah this is Blender sculpting system. I really hope more people will begin to use Blender as a serious sculpting app and support it’s further expantion!

Oh my god this is amazing, probably one of my current favorite blender sculpts.
The only thing I don’t like would be the axe. it looks like plastic and it doesn’t really have a logical shape (not to mention that it would be horribly balanced and very difficult to use) but then again I don’t like most fantasy weapons for similar reasons (impractical or impossible to use)