Fifth Semester: Term Paper~!

Hello all, I make this topic almost entirely out of boredom. Just kidding. Well anyway it is once again a completely unneccesary thread started by myself. Oh well.

Point is that I’ve been practicing 3d now ever since March of 2006 (I started with Bryce and Hexagon 2). Even though it feels like it’s been much much longer than that somehow. Oh well. lol

The way I figure it if this was some kind of school I was in that right now I’d be smack in the middle of my Fifth Semester I think. Mid-way through the 3rd year. I’m not all that fantastic at telling time or at doing math either for that matter. So just play along.

Okay so I left blender for about six months and spent a whole heck of a lot of energy on trying out other game engines and learning C++ (!) and the like. I also left because I tasted Zbrush and couldn’t go back to blender sculpting so I journeyed out to find a sculpting program that I felt comfortable with - and stumbled upon 3dCoat which hasn’t been ready for use until just recently! And this also coincides with a lot of tremendous blender game engine developments. Long story short I’ve returned!!! Whee.

To be honest I haven’t been doing much “game development” or much actual 3d stuff for the past 6-8 months partially because I’ve been doing so much game engine testing, and 3dCoat bug reporting. Which added much uncertainty to how I should proceed as well as just taking time and effort to do those things.

But those things are in the past now. And because of my experiences elsewhere I now appreciate blender and its game engine much more than I ever did before and I’ve always loved blender.

So anyway the point is that it’s the 3rd year. Game engine has been decided. Sculpting program has been decided. I think I’ll start a game.

And for those wondering what happened to the last thread… well what happened is… lol… blender’s polygon limit on the sculpting really bit into my butt. I wanted to add more detail to the models but it would crash and then I tried setting up some animated models and because hardware skinning wasn’t implimented then as it hasn’t been yet either, and also because Electronic Arts Research hasn’t had their hands on yet…it surpsied me how slow it would get.T hat was the point where I started looking elsewhere but as I’ve said all of those issues I was having have all been dealt with in one way or another.

So anyways 3rd year project thread that I am making for my own benefit. Hopefully. Commence!

This project’s mascot and title image the way I usually do it - ya know? :cool:

Cool model, im still not sure what this thread is trying to say, but anyway good job.

My brain hurts just reading this post. :frowning: Anyway, uh, welcome back and like CoonerBoy said, nice model!

Daaaammm, pretty swish model.

I think I’ll take a punt at what the game will be about. I reckon its about being a 3 inch long slug that have to find old men and start colonies on their chins. A bit like sim ant. mmm?

the way I usually do it - ya know?

4 million poly sculpts ftw :slight_smile:

Thanks for commenting.

Wellz I started working on the environment. Using Jorgie’s Optimized build with soft shadows included that you can download off of

There are seams and things all over because I was just arranging objects and lights for testing.

Woo! Very big textures there. Also, if you hate how you can’t sculpt in the game engine, make your detailed model, then a less detailed one, then just give the less detailed one a normal map of the detailed one’s texture. Then the less detailed one will look more detailed!

…not so confusing

Is it really game engine, cuz it looks like a render :eek:
Great job!

Looking good, It’s about time you started a new project :wink:


thanks for commenting.

Metal Box

Eh… I use rocks to cover up my mistakes. How about you. Box is not finished. Just having some issues with scale though. My texture scales on the terrain is not right so have to figure that out (terrain was supposed to be an entire valley but looks much smaller). And finish box at some point.

Suppose box is some kind of special pick up. Like maybe it’s radioactive or something. Sort of looks all beat up like something in FallOut3 why not.

Looks good. I would like to see you do some more abstract environments. I’ve always wanted to see how a game would play with clock rugs laying all over the place. :wink:


very clever. . .

Tree Test + Skybox (Texture Downloaded from Mike Pan’s website)

Not much to say other than the stuff I’ve been fooling around with lately is more workflow related so just show these demo trees and a skybox texture I got from Mike Pan’s website.

that’s it - it looks really messy but I’ve been tweaking the lighting. The terrain will be completely redone next and the trees will be completely redone and will have leaves and there will vegetation of some other sort on the ground such as grass.Probably tomorrow, at least by Tuesday ^^ I hope

NNNOOOO! Where are the clock rugs? :frowning:


Grass Try #1

lol I made some ‘grass’ for Crysis before. I barely had to put any effort into it at all and it looked wonderful imo. But I’m sure for most other renderers it’s not that simple.

On the other hand I like the toonish look. Particularly at 3/4 angle. Which is the angle I think the game will be played from as opposed to 1st person or 3rd person. Though the grass needs some AO I feel even if it is going to be toonish…(or not).

Mmmmm… Optimization + Lighting Improvements (imo)

Frame rate has improved from 22fps to 180fps (lol)

I figured out some things about lighting.

Took out all the props. Will redo every bit of it that calls for it.

Nice work so far, I like the stylized look of the grass. I think the nor value needs to be turned down just a bit on the rocks, and the tree branches should be scaled down as you get to the ends of the branches. Otherwise, its looking pretty good.

Good luck on this project :wink:

@VenomSeven: Thanks, brother!

Interactivity xD

Well, spent some time re-familiarizing as well as figuring out/learning for the first time how to set up a interactive environment particularly the player stuff. So yeah now, basic camera angle for some portions of the game has been figured out and controls are in there for basic movement and jumping (thanks Tap!) - though I’m still falling through the terrain at certain points. lulz

Terrain, Vegetation update next time. Probably Friday/Sat, or maybe today who knows.

Lighting is improved this time I think. Found a nice spot between performance and detail.

FPS is up from 180 last time to 200+ this time I think.

Can you show us an in-game shot?

hi, in game shots look exactly the same minus the lighting and camera manipulators, there isn’t any HUD or anything like that to show