**Finished** WIP Log. Junk Shop + Renderman

  • added the legs and backpack
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I love how, aside of your dedication and patience, we’re also given a look into your taste in music. So diverse! hahahahah


:rofl: vivaldi, mozart, doom & quake mixes, trance even some dua lipa :rofl: if it sounds good im on!

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Helmet baked!

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Blenderman done. Will move on to junk yard scene. I could keep adding details and such, but at this point i think it looks good enough.


  • head
  • hands
  • cables
  • armor core (blender logo)
  • gadgets / accesories

Starting with the junk yard scene. Did the store.

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Finished the store stand.

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The store owner. Changed the hair not because i can-t do the curly hair from the original, but because i like this style better and also removed the jacket to add some variation.

I did this pose like if she was in the middle of a conversation…

doing a test export to sketchfab, everything is doing fine…
im doing some cleanup work before getting into the final packing…

Finished!! This is the final entry, you can inspect it!

Quest / Game

  • Find the Cat Pc Robot little brother hidden in the scene
  • Find Waldo! he is also hidden in the scene!

Post it if you find them!


Uploaded the blenderman as a separate model just to be able to inspect it better since it was the model that took me the most time to do:

Original model: https://cloud.blender.org/p/gallery/57e5084f0fcf294119c5055c

yes you can as long as you give proper credits to me and the people that did the original models i used as base!

Thanks, I will send it to you before we release it

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I found the little brother!!!

Read it backwards. (Full answer)
! outside the on icon cogwheel a and ends open two with crate the in , shop the Behind

And it’s a great model! I love how you made a little storyline for it!


and did you found waldo? i will give you a hint… it is very close from the little brother, but he managed to reach higher grounds… :face_with_monocle:

This is looking great in the viewer, and man what a good use case for stress testing optimization for Sketchfab! I could see you throwing in some last minute robot easter eggs, like some Tears of Steel scraps a la Empire Strikes Back.


I found him! (Waldo)

Answer: (backwards again)

Under one of the roof panels!

! panels roof the of one Under

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Good luck!

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