hi folks… it’s my first work on the new forums and the first since… well… lot of time.
it’s pure blender - all pp made with compositing node. and although the materials are simple (not using nodes) I really like them. hope you’ll enjoy it - c&c’s are most wellcome.

thanks in advance


More like star flower:rolleyes: I think you should do better backgraund, but the flower is really nice, quite good render and materials, I like the lighting too:) generally without any revelation but I like your artwork

it looks sweet, but i think fire flower is kind of misleading. i was imagining the mario fire flower, and the colors don’t seem very firey to me. Unless you’re going to end up going the blue fire route, but it does seem more starry than firey at this point. great work


That’s great! I love it!

wow, i really dig this… different from the usaul stuff… i agree that the fire flower thing may not be the best description of the piece (as i too was expecting some kind of mario allusion) and as the flowert closly resembles a lilly, i might throw out the name ‘star gazer’ which is the name of some lillies. i think it may more addaquately describe the clever render youve made.

great work, keep it up =)

Really nice flowers :slight_smile: well done!

looks real nice.

Just beautiful

Neat! I like the concept and the name “Fireflower” it fits well. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

hey!. Great stuff! I really like it!. glowing things are my favorite style. Since I’m kind of a noob. I would like to know how did you do it :blush:

I like it :)… its pretty and glowy… it has a nice bioluminesence thing going on… it also reminds me of them cool jellyfish they have in the dark “mystery of the deep” type tanks at aquariums.

That would be PERFECT for the spash screen!!! I like it a lot!

Realy neat, reminds me of some psycadelic muchrooms I made for the 2.37 splash screen(I think it was that version). Love it!

Really really cool. Am inspired.

really nice! I am too inspired - would you share how you created the effect with us? <img>

thanks guys! I’ve made a second version - jellyfishs in mind :p. I would subscribe it as splash screen too.
as for the name issue - I hadn’t had super mario in my mind when thinking on the name - it’s just that everything with bright colors is tabed as ‘fire’ somthing - and fireflower sounds so cool

That is truly beautiful. But Blender 2.42? Did I miss something?

I have a quick question for you, The picture is great, But, where did you get Blender 2.42?:confused:

He’s probaly using a testing build of 2.42.

Thats a sweet render btw.

Hey @ner, nice picture dude

good to see you are still creating art :cool: