First Person Maze Game (Demo Available!)

Hey Guys, This is my “FPS Sci-Fi Maze”. Please leave feedback! HELP WANTED!!

Carry the blue orb to the heart of the Maze while using to turn off Force Field along the way. After you bring the orb to heart the maze use figure out how to use it to open the wall and access the elevator and get to the basement where there will be a surprise waiting for you.


WASD = Movement
Space = Jump
LMB = Fire Gun
RMB = Drop orb (if holding it)
MMB = pick up orb with telekinesis
LeftShift = Crouch

=-=-=-=-= Blend File =-=-=-=-=
Fps Maze Game.blend
----------14.1 MB of space

=-=-=-=-= Updates =-=-=-=-=

July 26th, 2009

  • Today I added a HUD with health bar and team logo, New lighting. Also new Flash Light model (Thanks to DefultSound).

    August 3rd, 2009

    -I replaced the telekinetic blast with a Desert Eagle (I know it doesn’t fit the theme, but if it makes you fell better, the gun is gold). New elevator that takes you to a new basement with 8 turrets inside. boxes were relapsed with force fields. take down fields by placing blue orb on top of the stand near the field. Video and new screen shots coming soon!



Hmmm…Pretty good. I couldn’t find my way to the center. But that floating white and black thing freaked me out :stuck_out_tongue:

Movement is really annoying. I recomend not using Dloc. Use servo controls. Then you won’t bounce off walls. It’s a little hard to get around. And maybe the space to walk is a little squished.

But other than that its a good idea for a game.

i used a script for the motion and don’t know how to use servo but I fixed the bouncing around by upping the damping. I just made the area wider like you said and your right it is a a lot better.

Well done.
This would look REALLY good with GLSL and normal maps

You know GLSL and narmal map have peeked my interest but I can’t find any good tutorials on how to do it. In other words, I’m F****** clueless. Think you could help me out?

I can’t find any tutorials on how to make normal map or bump maps and how to use them. Think I stick to the normal texture?

How about this one?:

It was a good tutorial but didn’t understand how to make seams and UV layouts

Do you need a different UV mapping tut?
(I don’t know of any other good ones.:no:)

You can edit the title of a thread by advanced editing the first post by the way.:wink:
(so it says “Creepy” instead of “Creey”, lol)

Don’t understand that one either but I still learn how to use Normal maps thanks to YouTube tutorial. already hook up the maze too!

What don’t you understand?

(is that bot thing the same one from your Lil Bot thread?)

It’s not so much as I didn’t understand it but I would rather watch a video tutorial then read one. And Yes want to cameo the Lil Bot robot into as many of my games as possible, For example in the “D-bot” thread the head of the robot is Lil bot

I like text tuts because I don’t have to wait half an hour for it to load, and can easily refer back to it when necessary.:wink:

True, but I have a good connection and a fast computer, so buffing isn’t a problem.

New screen shots!!!:eek:


Having fun with normal maps, are we?:wink:

it looks a lot better, but I think you should use a spec map.

Keep it up.

Yeah the normal GLSL look professional as hell.


I don’t know how to make them? TO YOUTUBE!

ahh, normal maps… you just have to love em,

Nice normal maps but you definatlly should not make them so shiney. They (the crates) look like they are made of plastic not would.