First Post, Any Advice Welcome

Finished the modelling last night and am pretty pleased with the results. 3 things I would like to clean up. First, the slight crease on the end of the handle, second, the tip of the blade ended up as some weird n-gon and is giving the slight dark artifact. Finally, I want to smooth out the finger guard some and is this just a matter of adding loop cuts for more detail? This model has not had a subdivision surface modifier added.
Finally, the knife handle has a rubber grip with a fine stippled texture and the blade has a grainy enamel finish. Any advice on how to set up some nodes to texture these two surfaces. Will include pic of knife in next post.

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you can sharp up the edges by adding lopcuts and moveing thim to the side,s
if you feel that the extra loops might roune the handel thin Separates it from the blade by selceting it and hitting Y
and also ,welcome :slight_smile:

yes, loopcuts can help to reduce the dark shadings.the reason for this is,that if you have a quad polygon at the edge,the normal from the surface gets averaged.if you put a loopcut at the edge,your quad keeps the normal direction,and the small face at the loop/ edge becomes the hard to explane.

you can try this addon,it helps to calculate the normals for you.i would do the loopcuts before.

about the can asign in edit mode the selected faces,you want a material.or you can split your handle,and blade ect to separate objects.

Reference material for project.

There’s also the autosmooth button in the mesh properties, meaning any edge sharper than (by default) 30 degrees counts as sharp. This can be very useful.

Well if you really want some comments on your model you may want to show a simple OPENGL-Render from your viewport ? Side view, edit mode. No need to set up some wireframe render material mambo jambo.

The pure silhouette looks fine and you mentioned some problems on your own and i’m not nitpicking :wink:

nice design …

Finished product. I guess next time I’ll work a little harder to get the blade geometry right and not have it look so “fat”.