Flexi Bezier Tool

Hi @jcfnav, @dcbCreative

The colors are now configurable. Please install the latest version.


Thank you for adding the ability to adjust the display keymap text colors in the add-on’s preferences. And for doing it so fast. Wow.


“Mark starting vertices” tool crashes the latest 2.91 master build



Here is the reason why it’s not a good idea to ask add-on developers to make their add-ons compatible with the Alpha (Daily Builds) versions of Blender:
Please read @pitiwazou’s comment: Asset Management

I don’t want to answer in behalf @Khemadeva but I think we (users) should use addons only with stable versions of Blender.
Of course we can try them with the Experimental versions of Blender but the Blender code can change a lot during the Blender alpha development.


Thanks for reporting the issue.

I agree with @xan2622:

So maybe it would be better to wait for a few more days and let the 2.91 stabilize.


Is there a way to bevel the corners of the curves in Flexi Bezier? Yesterday I searched the videos on Youtube but I did not find something related.

Also does the tool have any curve offsetting function?

Please check this:

The offset function is not yet implemented. Will let you know if there is any update on this.


please have a look at the ep curve and cv curve tool of maya and plz add an option to close beziers using some hotkey during drawing (rather than going to n pane and then closing them)

Thanks a lot! :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can close the curve while still in draw mode by pressing shift+spacebar.

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Hi @Khemadeva.

Maybe you could add this hotkey (Shift+Spacebar) to the “Display Keymap” overlay?

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yes it will be very helpful

Actually, there are quite a few hotkeys missing from the keymap (like add point or add tangent etc.). Taking care of them involves a small change in the code framework. Will fix it as soon as I can.