Flipped normals not clearly visible

Not possible to see flipped normals unless checking “face orientation” check box. Need a better solution for a quick workflow as sometimes you spend to long trying to fix issues that are actually flipped normals issues… Boink

This is intentional in 2.8 and isn’t to be changed afaik, see https://developer.blender.org/T59309. Hopefully at some point these colors will be customizable. Use overlays menu.
It was also asked before Flipped normals not rendering black anyone know how to make this work in 2.8?

This is all good and true but to leave it like this just for the sake of “it looks better in the viewport” it’s not good enough, it does cause lots of confusion

I think the colored overlay is far better than the old darkened faces. Back then it wasn’t always obvious that something was out of whack. Now if something shows up red you better have a look. It can be bound to quick favs, but can it be bound to the w (render mode) piemenu?

Also, since I often simplify my geometry to be single sided rather than thick, the darkening was actually a problem. When I use single sided, the correction is done in the material (and I’m not only talking about leaves here).

This catches me out all the time with bevel modifier. Arggh.

you can still see it as in 2.79
in Overlay edit mode at bottom you can turn on same feature with a line in middle of faces

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That’s not what the OP is referring to. Rather that backfaces used to display in a darker shade in the solid view viewport.

Not possible to see flipped normals unless checking “face orientation” check box.

this is not the only way to see face’s normal
only a new way with colors
but can be done like in old 2.79 too

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