Floating Windows

nope windows 10.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue or is it just me?

Still flawless here (w10 & b320daily)

I think it’s a rare issue that I discovered and fixed in Scatter5 recently. I’ll add the task to my todo-list

Ah, I use Scatter 5 as well so maybe that’s the cause. Hope for a fix soon. I turned off scatter 5 in the addons preference windows and restarted to see if it would work and unfortunately nope. Damn, love floating windows.

No i meant i fixed a similar issue already i think i know the cause :wink:

Cool, so should I wait for a fix?

BD3D, With it been on your todo list does this mean it will be a while before you fix the addon?

This is a rare bug occuring on quite strange circumstance,
it shall be ready for this week


You Star! Thanks

any eta on when the fix will be available ?

I tried many time to replicate your crash, couldn’t find a clue sadly
here’s what could potentially give us some clues:

perhaps the windows OS specific function changing the size/loc of a window is causing the crash, that could be specific to the way your monitors are set up, perhaps the plugin is moving windows at impossible locations/sizes. Hard to tell.

To check if the functions are faulty could you please
remove the following lines

    set_win_transforms(hWnd, location=location, size=self.size, )


    set_win_text(hWnd, self.label,)

at line n 500 ±
remove these two lines from the .py script, save, launch blender, and let me know if the crash still occurs
the windows should not move and stay the same size. It’s doing a duppli area operation

Also, if you can use blender in debug mode we could see the crash error message if we are lucky,
do you know how to do this ?

Thanks for your patience
unfortunately these cases are hard to resolve if we can’t replicate the issue

removed the lines, still crashes. I don’t know how to start blender in debug mode mate.

After going through all my preferences and messing up hotkeys etc etc I found the problem. The node minimap was the culprit. All good now. Hail Hydra!


hi,Can you show how use the hide/unhide all floaters operator?

Is it possible to make the floating windows workspace specific? If I change workspaces the same floating windows are there but the editor types have changed.