small animation for the art battle http://www.digitalartforum.de/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6203&sid=

In the first battle i won against him, but he was the best loser so he reached the next round.
This was the entry.

now we fight again one round before final.

every vote for what you like is welcome

Very nice sketchbook and i really like your girl with umbrella 2d sketches!

@dr.electro thanks man.

Tada my short film is finished after 1 1/2 year…ok without sound.

new sketches from the last 3 days.
The colored charakter is my next model project.

nooo only 3 pictures per post.

Nice work man.
I love the girl on her scooter and your b&w and color sketch studies are just awesome.

Thanks for the kind words.

This is the finished model from the sketch above ,fully rigged and ready for action.
My plan was to put this model in a szene like in the painted image,
but i am more interested to get better with chakter modeling, texturing and rigging. So time to make an new drawing sketch.
I am really happy that i figured out how to add additional rigs to the rigify (for example a face rig) and add buttons in the properties panels…so many things to learn in blender…one life is not enough.
If someone is interested how does it works i can make a small explenation post.

New charakter project.

Some light test for the scene above…my favorit is nr. 4 and 6.

oh man. such great designs and execution.
amazing works, just keeps getting better
love all the stuff on page #2

Beautiful works as always man !
The drawing/painting of the guy standing at the gate is just amazing.

I don’t normally like to use the term, but… MAD SKILLZ!!

OH wow , a BIG THANKS to all your compliments guys.

The Backround of the painted image is ready now, and i made also a very short animation.
Next step is the charakter an animal.

now the first charakter of the scene above is modled already…
hope u like it guys

I like him very much.
Looking forward to your final render of the scene (or animation ?)

@Ranquin yep, my goal is a small animation. I tried to rig the charakter above but it is realy difficult and cost me a lot of time and headachse, especially to avoid the dependency cycles when working with curve was the biggest hassle but not enymore.
Also the NLA editor get more and more clear and the cycle modifier in the graph editor is just WOW.
Also my charakter design was pretty bad in context of face expression without eyebrows emotions are not simple to simulate.
At the moment the mesh deform modifier deforms the lags and only the head is excluded thats the reason for the bad foot movement.

But see by yourself…

this is my new test character for rigging, topology and design (which shapes are better for a clear and smooth deformation).
At the moment i tried to add a spline ik system on top of the riggify rig, also a tail rig and face rig with spline iks.
I will document here all my faults and mistakes and solutions if i have one.

At first i show my charakter.

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here are some face expression tests.

Beautiful work man, you have a pretty cool style!

I love that last character :smiley:

I really enjoy your work! You obviously understand how to create characters from sketch to finish.
Your characters are very likable too.
Keep it up!