Floorgenerator addon

hi! so, i was trying to install the floorgenerator addon on blender 2.8 and i’m getting this error

i placed the .py inside the blender 2.8 folder and it still says unknown location, whatever that means in this error.

any ideas on what i can do to install it? or if the addon doesn’t work on 2.8, any ideas on how to edit the .py to make it work?

thank you very much!

now looking at the .py the error is referencing it makes me think it has something to do with blender not being installed but being a portable program?

i’m not a programmer so i don’t really understand all of it but when it says os.path.basename it makes me think it needs to be installed so it finds the installation path or something like that?

thank you very much!

if self.overwrite:
                module_filesystem_remove(path_addons, os.path.basename(pyfile))
            elif os.path.exists(path_dest):
                self.report({'WARNING'}, "File already installed to %r\n" % path_dest)
                return {'CANCELLED'}

            # if not compressed file just copy into the addon path
                shutil.copyfile(pyfile, path_dest)
                return {'CANCELLED'}

returns the file name for example:


returns: test.txt

it’s quite possible that the addon is not meant for 2.8 or not converted for it yet.

oooh, i see, thank you! and yeah, i guess it wasn’t supported on 2.8. after more and more search i found someone updated it and now there is a version that works with 2.8

this is it, if anyone needs it https://github.com/Siflkekel/Floorboard-Generator/blob/master/Floor_Board_Generator.py