Flowers - In Love With a Ghost ft. Nori

Flowers - In Love With a Ghost ft. Nori

“Sometimes, I just want to chill by the lake to the sound of my favorite music on endless repeat.”

[Pic above: When everything is still nice and dry before the rain fall.]

Inspired by the beautiful music of In Love With A Ghost and original 2D animation by Curie Lu, I’ve decided to do my own interpretation of the music video.

A fun little personal project made in Blender 3.0a (experimental cycles-x), post in Blackmagic Fusion. More renders on my ArtStation:

[Pic above: Mist/fog appears after the rain has settled.]

The story:

This is by far my most ambitious video for a personal project to take on. On and off, I’d often listen to chill hop music on youtube while working that are always accompanied by some sort of looping 2D animated anime wallpaper. Sometimes I wonder, wouldn’t it be awesome if they were 3D, and would react to the sounds and beats of the music? Hence, the idea to make this music video was born.

I chose Flowers as the music of choice because I can never get tired of listening to it on an endless loop. It certainly made my job easier and more enjoyable because working on a project like this requires countless wip preview playback to ensure that the animations are in sync with the music.

I tried to animate as many details as I could for this project; the rain drops affecting the environment and everything getting wet over time, the rain causing realistic and believable ripples on the water, the lily pads floating and drifting randomly on the water surface and reacting to the ripples, lip syncing Hana’s (yes, that’s the name I’ve given her) mouth to the vocals, her expressions and body language reacting to the music, the clothes she’s wearing turning semi transparent from the wetness over time, water droplets dripping down the frogs, and much much more. Yet, there are still many more details that I wish I could add and refine but I had to draw the line somewhere or else it would take forever to finish.

I wanted to express the emotion and feeling that I get from listening to the music, and hope for the viewers to have the same experience too while watching the animated music video. Just let go of everything, forget about the world, and chill for a while.

[Pic above: Very early scene construction/blocking phase using megascans and simple shapes for frogs. Experimented with various HDRIs to find a suitable backdrop/lighting for the scene. As you can see, render time was a nightmare even on cycles-x before optimization.]

[Pic above: A WIP screenshot of Hana while animating the lipsync and body. Naturally, the hair simulation has to wait until the character’s primary animations are final.]

[Pic above: Viewport shaded mode]

Technical details:

Made with Blender v3.0a - Cycles X branch
Total frames rendered: 6400 (25fps)
Render details: Cycles render at 1920x1080 with OpenImage Denoiser, 512 samples, DOF and motion blur enabled.
Average render time per frame: 2 mins (RTX 3080), 4mins (RTX 2080)
Total render time: roughly 8 days
Project duration from start to finish (including render time): 3 weeks
Compositing software: Blackmagic Design Fusion 16 (for additional motion blur, caustics effect, color correction, mist/fog, foreground droplets on camera lens)

If you have any questions about this project, please do not hesitate to ask!

You can purchase Flower’s Art Poster here:

Do subscribe/follow me on Youtube and Artstation if you wanna find out what I’ll be working on next. (I already have a couple of ideas for more music videos). Thanks for watching!


I like it!
great Quality

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Love the render absolutely beautiful :heart::relaxed:

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


Damn! I thought at first this was a photo with some CG-Elements! But for it to be fully CG? Amazing!

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Amazing ! Love the frogs.

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Really, Great Job. A lovely animation.
( :sweat_smile: Poor frogs)

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So good. So much fun. This was absolutely lovely. I was surprised it was a full video. AMazing!
… … … … :heart: :heartpulse: :hearts: :heart: :heart: :hearts: :blue_heart:

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That is amazing!! How did you do the rain effects on the frog creatures? Dynamic texture or fluid? Or smth else?

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Very beautiful, very sweet and crystal clear! :ok_hand:
(It takes a little too long for my impatient temper,
but) definitely a lot of quality! Great job!!! :+1:

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using animated procedural shader

LOVE!!! so good. Earned a Sub here. Thank you for sharing!

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Really like everything, from the music to the effects you gave to the overall artwork. Just wonder if you used fluid dynamics or dynamic paint for water drops effects. Anyway very nice job :clap:

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such a pleasur to see this natural theme being developed more and more in CGI. For me each time Zombie post apocalyptic super hero sci fi War armor are out the game i am a fan. Thanks for sharing that vertices and poly also have a deeper brighter softer side.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Beautiful Art and Emotion, really nice. :ok_hand:

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I really liked everything about this. I suppose the raindrops on all the objects are an animated texture or procedural material? I ask since they are on most objects in the scene.

I was wondering if you did the transitions from dry to wet by animating the map or if this was made procedurally?

Good job!

Thanks Gabriel! Yes, the rain droplets on objects are procedurally generated. I plan to make a series of walkthrough/explainer videos about the techniques i used for this music video. I’ll be keeping an eye on other FAQs and try to cover them all, so pls do not hesitate to ask anything u r particularly interested to find out and of course, subscribe to my channel to get notified when those videos are ready.

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this is great. It makes me smile und is inspiring and fun to watch. Fantastic.

Could you tell what kind of hardware you are using and how long this video took to render? Thanks in advance.

Hi Carstenj! Thank you for the kind words. The technical details are included in the article above.

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