Fluent - Hard Surface Modeling Tools

I don’t know Mac but maybe the problem is : the stable version is installed and the alpha is an unzip appliation. Maybe Mac doesn’t give the same access because of that ?

Not really, the beta’s install from a disk image just like the stable version.
I will report it as a bug and see what they say.

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This is the response from the bug report:

That was a deliberate change. rB370ed6025f45: File Browser/macOS: Don’t treat .app as directory

You can still manually enter /Name.app in the file path to access its contents.

Although I don’t understand why you need to choose directly executable,
its location is known, just select .app is enough. (Question to the add-on developers.)

Thanks for the answer. I’m not a mac user, in fact I didn’t know how the file structure in an app and the selection worked so why do an other way :sweat_smile:. But with your video, now, I know so I will change my code for Mac and b2.92. I will complete the path from the .app to the executable.

After a few tries, I found typing manually this in worked:
/Applications/Instant Meshes.app/Contents/MacOS/Instant Meshes

Thanks you :blush:

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Get a mouse?
Blender, ort any 3d application isn’t really touchpad friendly tbh…

Yeah, I have dusted off an old mouse of mine and been using it.

I’ve not used it in years, and it feels so clumsy. Things I am sure most mouse users have gotten completely used to - like when you let go of the mouse sometimes cable tension or fat fingers causes it to move slightly, or clicking the wheel sometimes causes unintentional scroll events with unpredictable ordering.

Pure Blender (i.e. without addons) is very touch friendly IMO. I highly recommend trying them on MacOS if you get a chance. Here’s a quick primer:

  • Single-finger swiping moves the cursor (like pushing a mouse around a table)
  • Two-finger swiping will orbit the 3D view freely (i.e. not locked to one of horizontal or vertical movement)
  • Two-finger rotation gesture (think of turning a dial) will cause turntable which rotates the 3D view side-to-side (i.e. locked orbit)
  • Pinch gestures will zoom in and out smoothly (its so jarring the way my table mouse’s scroll wheel causes the zoom to “jump” suddenly, and makes precise alignment a pain: I resort to click-dragging the zoom icon under the 3D gizmo to get the precision back)

(To pan the 3D view we hold SHIFT and two-finger swipe, similar to table mouser’s SHIFT+MiddleClick dragging)

Anyways, my point is that Blender handles trackpad input beautifully, and it is my hope that the Fluent add-on can allow these gestures to “pass through” its active mode and let Blender do its thing with them.

I used to write Python (2.x) professionally, so perhaps I need to spend some time in Fluent’s code and see if I can produce a patch. @Anubisbis: Any pointers on where to start looking?

Preaching to the wrong crowd here, have been a Unix/Windows guy + tablet for a long time now :wink:
Carpal tunnel syndrome does that to you…

It’s great that Blender works nicely with touch, but there are a lot of addons that rely heavily on mouse activity. Touchpad only would not be my ‘cup of tea’. :wink:

Was the Python stuff for Blender, or for other apps? Just curious…

Can you join the Discord of Fluent for a more fluent :sweat_smile: discussion. More easy and dynamic disscussion. Not sur if I can do something for that, I use the standart Blender mouse event, I don’t know how it manage the touchpad.
You case is very specific but I’m interested to speak with you on Discord about it.


Are the wire sims aware of the rest of the models/geometry?
Or do we need to make that so, before it interacts with other models?


Python was for non-Blender stuff: an in-house compute cluster for managing lab equipment and generic compute (GNU/Linux, MacOS, and a tiny bit of Windows) and distributing work among them.

These days we’d use Free Open Source Software, but back in the day that would require approval from the company’s legal team, so I got to reinvent a lot of wheels. Easily the most fun I’ve had as a programmer.

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@RobWu At the moment, you cannot simulate a collision between the cable and the objects. This is currently a choice.
My choice was guided by the following reasons:
:record_button: Performance: for an ultra-fast simulation, I chose to simulate only edges and not a complete solid.
:record_button: Remain editable: if the cable (in fact a curve) is converted into an object, you lose the ability to edit the cable. If you use multi-cable models, you also lose the ability to edit them if they are converted into an object.
As Blender is unable to calculate a collision if there is no volume, the current simulation based on a curve transformed into a succession of vertices, does not allow the calculation of a collision.

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Good to know. I guess the same applies to the new Cloth panel feature? No sim with other objects in the scene?

For the cloth, you can :slightly_smiling_face:. Add a collision on your objects before to call the cloth panel tool.


Something to explain the new features of Fluent 1.5 in video


Fluent 1.5.2 is available check the list above :arrow_up:
The main goal is keep only one file usable with Blender 2.83LTS and Blender 2.91.0
If you know how I was happy when I saw Blender update the 2.91 version during the Black Friday week…:sob:
I took the opportunity to make some adjustments following your feedback during the exceptional update of version 1.5 of Fluent.

:white_check_mark: Only one file to work with Blender 2.83.x LTS and 2.90 and 2.91
:white_check_mark: Default value of bevel resolution is decreased to 16. To avoid slow viewport for some new users.
:white_check_mark: Default value of cylinder resolution is decreased to 32. To avoid slow viewport for some new users.
:white_check_mark: Fix some English errors.
:white_check_mark: NEW OPTION : pie menu radius to set the radius of the Fluent pie menus adjustment. Request by users with very high resolution screen.
:white_check_mark: Increase a little bite the starting depth of the inset.
:white_check_mark: Automatic switching to object mode if the cloth panel tool is called in edit mode
:white_check_mark: Wire simulation : for people who change the default hotkey (CTRL+, CTRL-) Fluent use now what you set in the Blender keymap.
:white_check_mark: NEW in ToolBox : Convert chain to object function.
:white_check_mark: Cloth panel : add the self collision option.
:white_check_mark: Bug fix : when we try to edit an inset made by Shift+i.
:white_check_mark: NEW Pie menu → Add bevel → Hold Shift to remove the bevel.


Hello Rudy, do you have a link to the discord discussion? The one that came with the receipt had a link error.

The Discord : http://www.discord.gg/invit/3uPv3fv :grinning:

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One video per day until the christmas day.
One video per day to help you with Fluent and the hard surface modeling.
I began the series Saturday !