Follow Path + Track To Constraints

Hi everyone,
I have two issues related follow path + track to contraints on my camera.

  1. At the end of path, camera flips almost 180°. Why this flip happening and how to prevent that?
  2. Funny enough, my desired camera rotation is the one after it flips. But I can’t get it from the beginning no matter which X,Y,Z combination I tried. How to achieve this rotation?

Here is the test blend file if you want to take a look: contraint_issue.blend (729.5 KB)


can you post your constraints settings?

I somehow missed that you posted a link to your file.

Use “Damped track” constraint instead of “track to”. There shouldn’t be any flip after that.


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Thank you for the reply @jerzygorskiart , I tried Damped Track and it indeed fixed the flipping issue. And interestingly I also now can use the “Mean Tilt” of the curve in order to rotate the camera as I desire. Does mean tilt not supposed to work when Track To constraint used? Might this be a bug?