Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (GIF)

After the The Dark Side of the Moon GIF, I decided to model another rock album cover.


And yes, I made everything in 3D (text included).
The bulb apparently it’s a 805 triode valves, so I had to search some reference photos on ebay.

Quite happy with the rust shader result.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


:blush::blush::blush: Thank you! You made my day!


Hello! - I would love to get my hands on this 3D model. Any chance resurrecting this thread might get me a file or link? Cheers for the awesome work.

Hi, thank you but I don’t share my works.

Thanks for the reply,

Went ahead and modeled one myself. Pretty chuffed with how it came out. Just need to weather it.


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Uahh! :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal:
Ok this is trully amazing and deserve a bit more visibility! Maybe if you used Blender and you create a topic where you explain all the project (with pictures, screenshots etc.), maybe you might get 15 minutes of glory and get posted on !
Also I feel quite sorry I didn’t help you: if I would have known more about what you wanted to create, I would have passed you my file!

I started modeling one of these myself before I searched and saw that a few others have done so as well. I was wondering did you cut off the metal end of the vacuum tube? What is your light source? Trying to model it exact per the original art, and don’t see how it would fit unless its cut off or by stretching the bomb tail body. Great model/great build…So clean