Forum Avatars?

(Dittohead) #1

Just wondering why we don’t have Avatars on this forum.(those little pictures by yor rank.)

(thetechie) #2

Avatars or rank images? :stuck_out_tongue:

(DAK) #3

I also have found it strange that this is my only 3D forum I use that does not have basic support for avatars either. :frowning:

(Dittohead) #4

PHPBB has support for avatars, but they are not enabled, yes avatars not rank images.

(thetechie) #5

Trust me, I’m on the phpBB Support Team, I know these things. :wink: :smiley: Anywho, yes, phpBB has support for avatars. Many different methods in fact, a couple ways to upload to the current site, hotlinking and gallery. :slight_smile: And yes, avatars !=rank images :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry, I’m a programmer. avatars are not the same thing as rank images.

(Dittohead) #6

i was talking to dak when i said phpbb supports avatars, i setup iis, php, and mysql, just so i could experiment with phpbb.

(Timothy) #7

bandwith it’s all about bandwith.

I’ve explained this in the elYsiun support forum:


I might include some special rank images, but only for special people :slight_smile: (moderators)

(bob_dog) #8

If bandwith is a problem, why not kill some of the useless discussions that go on (especially in the off-topic forums). Blender countdowns and theological discussions are a true waste of bandwidth.

(Timothy) #9

because it’s a discussion forum, not an avatar forum

(stephen2002) #10

I might recomend having the ability to have avitars and such, just not upload them to your server. Anybody that has an avitar would just have to have their image on their own web server that allows image linking.

This is what we currently have to do to post images anyway.

(9) #11

Yep yep! Good idea! But this way seem to cause some problem either: I put an “avatar” in my signature, which was a link to the image on my website, but S68 (congratulation for you admin upgrade :wink: ) asked me to remove it. I think it was because if we all do that, imagine the consequence for the poor 56k modem users like me!

…Perhaps the solution you pointed out, but with profile avatar-enable/disable option?



(S68) #12

Hehe, I asked you to because the general policy here is this…

problem is that the show/hide avatar option must be embedded in the phpBB code, which means to modify it, but if you modify it then you have problems in doing upgrades because you are effectively forking the development thread of phpBB…


(IMProvisar) #13

Sounds good, but S68 is right. So… go suggest that option to the phpBB crowd. :slight_smile:


(thetechie) #14

I know you were. :slight_smile: I was simply restating what you said. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dittohead) #15

I hate to say it folks, but Kib’s got a point here.

Avatars are just ‘accessories’ and they are uneeded, they steal bandwidth, server space, and can complecate the admin. of the forums.

(DAK) #16

If there is such a limit on bandwidth here, why not move to a better server?

(Dittohead) #17

Because this may be the only server Kib can get for a cheap price that has php and mysql.

Besides that it would take forever to transfer all the files to a new server.

(pofo) #18

Couldn’t agree more

(ZoltarX) #19

Sure thing - have you got a spare server you can loan the community? :wink:


(RipSting) #20

What’s keeping you all from adding an image to your signatures? Have the pics hosted somewhere else.