Fox Girl

Hey there~ Here’s a bit of a fantasy character I was working on recently…

Is it too orange? I can’t even tell anymore since f.lux is messing with my eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

Higher res and stuff here~


I really like this. The composition is great and I don’t think it’s too orange. The image makes me want to know more about this character. Great work.

Woah, you made a good design, bro!
I like your design, and I will give you 5 stars :slight_smile:

10/10 Amazing Work

Yes! You are back! I love it, your style is so nice it’s make me happy!
Also she is so interesting!

It looks very good, and reminds me the secret ninja agent in Naruto.

I noticed that when I cropped away the bottom third, the remaining image seemed much stronger.

I think that a slightly tinted key light on her face would be an interesting possibility. The present lighting feels cool and blue, and the tone of her face is fairly close to the tone of her armor.

@Safetyman - Thanks! Glad it’s not too orange :smiley:
@raden92 - Thanks for the rating!
@Inote - Thank you, Inote~
@Tonatiuh - Haha yes I’m back :yes: Glad you like it!
@foxrender - Thank you! Yup, I did use their masks for inspiration~
@sundialsvc4 - Thanks for your feedback! I’m surprised you thought the lighting seemed bluish – I was actually aiming for a warmer tone in this one~ I did play around with the framing and colours though, since the colour did seem a bit uniform, and I kind of like the wintry feel of a blue tone as well.

Absolutely beautiful, I love how her hair is purposefully made to look like a fox tail.

I’m working on my first well-made character right now and I’m just praying it turns out almost as good as this. Really nice work.

I’m not in much of a spot to criticize, but the one thing I would suggest is maybe a few adjustments in composition to make the mask more visible. I didn’t notice it at first, and while the character’s face is the focal point, the mask is also important to the storytelling part of it. Maybe just point it towards the camera a little more so it takes up more space. I think pointing it towards the camera would also make it register as a face in the viewer’s peripheral vision, which would also help to draw attention to it.

Just darken and simplify the background and it’ll be 10/10. You’ll probably have to turn down the lighting on the model after or it’ll look too hot. Model wise, maybe the hair is a bit too clumped. Try spreading some spots out here and there if you feel like it.

Anyway, like the design and overall looks great.

@BluDragoon - Thank you, BluDragoon! :slight_smile:
@Freelix2000 - Ah, thanks for pointing that out! I guess didn’t realise it was hard to see since I already knew it was there… But I’ve been abusing my laptop a bit lately, so I tried to bring out the mask more by brightening it instead. Best of luck on your project though! :smiley:
@RealityFox - Thank you for your feedback! I tried to follow your tip on the background, and I agree that the hair could do with a bit more work, but I think I’ll give my laptop a break from rendering for now~

well done, love it :slight_smile:

The mood of the picture is very good, well composed and this makes it very well.

Looks better, I’m just going to have to urge you not to put that halo glow around her head/streak (maybe just leave a tiny tiny hint of it) and simplify the background more. The darker the background the less need to have a bunch of added light to her head.

Don’t worry about the hair so much, it would be for a different character :stuck_out_tongue:

@threedslider - Thank you!
@RealityFox - Thanks for those tips! I toned down the brightness of the halo so the stray hairs doesn’t look so white, but since she is outdoors I think it makes sense that those loose strands seem a little blonde. I also blurred the background more and tried to add a foggy effect…Hopefully this separates her from the background more~


Incredible work, Chebylshev!

very beautiful I can easily see her as some sort of rouge type character or even some sort of spellcaster.

nice work on her expressions her clothes, materials it looks great, especially that it’s more into a cartoony style what.really did captured my eye’s, was her hair, it’s so fantastic, how it looks, I guess you used lots of systems to create it,