FPS concept (exploding barrels)

Just finished this fps demo. well this is not actually a game, its more like concept or base to build up game. I made it on mac, so the mousescript is funky and a bit too sensitive. Most work spent on particles, sprites, animations and sounds.

Every object here has its own material (metal, wood, etc.), so when bullet collide with object there are proper impact sound and sparks. Here is Material VIDEO.

I added exploding barrels for fun. Every barrel has its own blast radius. Barrels exploding near each other can cause chain reaction. Here is explosion chain reaction VIDEO. Sorry for lag, i have slow mac.

Ok test yourself. blend. file here.

:slight_smile: very cool :slight_smile:

I’d say this looks to be promising, the barrel explosion effect is pretty good.

some screenshots… multiexplosion



THAT GUN LOOKS GOOD well so does the explotion i just never relized the gun

Really nice! I noticed that the camera and movement completely messes up when you get hit by an explosion…you get pushed back forever, you can fly, and the camera keeps tilting.

I like the gun and the sound, everything else is nice, but pretty basic.

I think this demo would benifit most from a better mousescript. Something that provides a bit of ease, to make things smoother.

Oddly, this is the first .blend I’ve played where the mouselook functions properly. It’s a bit jittery, but it doesn’t suffer from the endless rotating I’ve come across in a lot of other demos. Looks great, and wish you guys the best of luck.

Wow. The explosions look great and I love how you can blow out the lights :smiley: The graphics are pretty amazing too. Keep up the awesome work!

I can’t download it, the host site isn’t cooparating…:frowning:

is there a mirror, or can you mail it to me, please?

EDIT: never mind, it finaly worked…

thanks for replies… Yes, actually this demo is very basic, but i like simple and basic things. Thats why i like Blender. As i said, this mousescrpt is the only that works on mac properly. Weapon is taken form upcoming first person shooter developed by small gamedev team. Rifle concept is mine, model by MadWario…

btw rifle is normalmapped. just switch on Use Blender Materials, and edit normalmap script : write
ShaderObjects = [ objlist[‘OBrifle’]] (not OBRifle)…

Oh yes about gettin in the explosion… yes the movement totally messes up. I can’t figure it out how to get player in vertical position… maybe lock z or x Rot. axis…



Wooooah :eek: that gun is frecken buitiful o0 :stuck_out_tongue: NICE

upgrade: when barrel reaches definite speed and impacts with ground, or you kick it too hard, it explodes.
yellow barrels need more speed to explode…

two another videos… added secondary fire.

Nice work martinsh, can I ask you what your workflow was to get from the hight poly gun to the normal mapped low poly one? (I think its the first time ive seen someone use normal mapping on a weapon in the blender game engine).

actually rifle is made in Maya. You need to create both - hipoly and lowpoly model, put them in same scene in same position, then bake and finally render… this is the main principle of creating normalmap in Maya. If you need i can it explain it in details. I dont think normalmap baking is available in Blender yet.
This rifle is made for C4 game engine, it has specualr map also, but i cannot figure out how to apply specular map in Blender GE.

I’d create different explosion effects and have them appear randomly (but never the same again after itself) - it’d look better when there’s a chain explosion.

Well done!!!
Looks very pro!!!

yeah about random… that would be nice. actually you could explain how to make random things, like random sounds for footsteps, explosions etc.
and another thing - bulletholes. I cant find script where bullethole gets parented to hit object.

Here is a newer version