Free high res skymaps (Massive 07 update!)

Ok, new selection of skymaps, lots more to choose from. I have to say a massive thank you to kyle91, who generously offered to host these for me. cheers mate!

There are no restrictions on using these textures, you can use these for commercial work, and you don’t have to name me if you don’t want to. the only restriction is that you can’t sell them. that’s all.


(Edit) I’ve created a quick video tutorial on how to use them, you can view it here:

Using them is pretty easy. load one of them into the ‘world’ section of the texturebuttons, Then in the worldbuttons, active these settings:

For Angular Maps (The top ones)

‘Real’ ‘Hori’ and ‘angmap’

For Spheremaps (The other ones)

‘Real’ ‘Hori’ and ‘sphere’

*Angular maps

*Sphere maps

Wow :smiley: Excellent work!

very good map. fit well with the new tube button :slight_smile:

oooo, nice! thanks!


I was waiting for these :wink:


Ok, just added a new one, and the topic is less than 3 hours old :stuck_out_tongue:

Rendering off another one now, so stay tuned!

These look great. Thanks. :slight_smile: I’ll try to make good use of (one of) them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool madcow… I’ll see about using one in the weekend challenge :wink:

wow, thank you

awesome maps dude. you have inspired me to make a set of my own.

The timing couldn’t have been any more perfect. I quit blender, started IE to type ‘high res skymap’ into google’s image search when I noticed an unread topic in news & chat. You must be psychic! :smiley:

I just used them to test the new CVS version very nice thanks very much. BTW my results are in the new feature tests sticky topic.

Whee! Glad you guys are finding this useful, and Im about 55% through the render of the fifth one – so again, stay tuned :wink:

ok, added the fifth and final render for the day :stuck_out_tongue:

Im tired now, so I’m off to find some corner to collapse in.

question: what program did you use to do the spherical mapping?

Could someone do a quick runthrough on how to use these in the new compile with the Spherical or Tube mapping? I can’t get mine to work quite right. Thanks.

Thanks, [email protected]! Very useful.



I’ll be using these in some upcoming projects to add depth to the renders, your work is much appriciated!

Hei thanks Mad, very useful and beautiful textures.

EDIT: “Forum Monkey”???