Free high res skymaps (Massive 07 update!)

Great maps, thank you!

Just added a moon map. Enjoy.

question: what program did you use to do the spherical mapping?

%| So, what software did you use?

Hmmm…guess you will have to find out for yourself, Im not in the business of spoon feeding answers, especially to people that use exasperated smiley’s when Im busting my ass to provide this stuff for the community.

Wow they’re nice!

[email protected]: maybe Patola just wants to contribute to the community too by doing more maps. Anything wrong with that?

That [email protected]… is rather a silly attitude. This is usually a community where people help each other. And mostly by sharing their knowledge.

I mean I like your skymaps, but since you’re giving them away for free… there really is no reason to withold your knowledge.

It’s a bit like the old example of whether to give people a fish or a fishing rod… thanks for the fish.

then again… who am I :wink:

Ok, I’m trying my best to stifle a laugh here :stuck_out_tongue: Would you like to hear some reasons why an explanation from me isn’t needed?

  1. A simple google search will teach you how to make skybox’s in terragen, this isn’t exactly a topic that is undocumented, is it?

  2. You talk about giving people a fishing rod – Now why would I need to do that when a simple glance down the news and chat forum will lead you to this post right here:

OMG! You wrote that! Seems you’ve already explained how to do it, and by doing so, you have already given out the fishing rod. Please tell me why I should waste my time explaining it again.

Im sorry if I seemed rude last post, I was having a tough day – But make no mistake, Im not obligated to explain anything to anyone, so if I choose not to then people will just have to live with it won’t they? :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL of course [email protected]… and ROFL… yeah terragen… I thought so.

You don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to justify yourself, you didn’t have to reply to my post or his.

But that does not mean I can’t be critical. :wink:

That’s enough diversion from the topic :wink: back to your skymaps, which are quite brilliant.

well, the ones that I did on page one are actually created in Vue d’esprit, but the only real reason that I use that instead of terragen is render times. I have a P3 450, so rendering out high res textures takes some time to do, especially with terragen.

Besides, Terragen is free, Vue isn’t…So the better option for this community would be terragen.


You can use, also HDRShop, to create a very good spherical map form panoramic Sky.


Panoramic Tranasform from latitude/longitude ----> To ProbeAngularMap----Form ProbeAngularMap — Latitute/longitude and save the result file with deformations

Awesome skymaps [email protected]. I’ll deffently be trying these out :smiley:

Wow great skymaps [email protected]

Thanks i was looking for something light that :smiley:

Dude, wait till you see the new ones :smiley: – they are a lot nicer, plus I’ll have some very high resolution angular maps online soon, so stay tuned!

Dude, wait till you see the new ones :smiley: – they are a lot nicer, plus I’ll have some very high resolution angular maps online soon, so stay tuned![/quote]

Wow man, I can’t wait to see them! This is a very cool project.

The angmaps are quality. I haven’t looked at this thread since there were only the amazing skymaps, so I was entirely plesantly surpised, as a spherical map was exactly what I wanted. Keep it up.


  1. Your angular maps are awsome!
  2. Where do you put them that we can download all of them? I have downloaded the ones from t his thread, but you were talking about new ones, and don’t know where to find them!
    can you help me out?


Is “Monument Valley” your work or are you working with permision of the author?

thank you madcow. ive been using your skymaps very much and your angmaps will be used too.

No, it was one of the first I made for testing purposes. Have removed it.

LOL, you should have seen my jaw drop when I clicked on the first pic. Thats one huge resolution!! These are great, thanks.