Free Normalmap Generator


since I was unhappy with the normalmap generators I tried (like GIMP normalmap plugin or Nvidia Photoshop plugin) I started to write my own several months ago.

Download (Windows and Linux)
Sourcecode (licensed GPLv3)

Current Screenshot:

It supports normal, spec and displacementmaps, stack processing of multiple images and it is completely multithreaded.
I also implemented some ideas I had to improve normalmap generation, e.g. the “Keep Large Detail” feature to preserve overall surface curvature in high-resolution normal maps. Here’s an example, for example renders see the features page:

Tell me what you think, suggestions, bug reports and feature requests are welcome.


very nice! I will add it to my linux distribution. Tell me if you want to have the .deb package

Yes,very nice. I need specmap last time and all work fine and fast.

Thanks, mib

I like, nice bonus is familiar alt+mousewheel to change values.
Add drag&drop image to main area for quicker way to use.

It is already available as a .deb in as described here:
But thanks for the offer!

This should already work, or did I misunderstand you?

Drag&Drop does not work here, Win7 Ultimate.

works fine here, thank you B.Y.O.B.
xJuhaW : maybe you are on a 64bit version

Thank you for sharing - compiled here on Mint 64bit without a glitch, works fine.

I fear I can’t do anything about it as I can’t reproduce it on any of my machines/systems. It might be specific to your system. If someone else also has the problem, please leave a note here.

I gave a few test sessions and i’m very impressed by how fast it is, thank you very much for sharing your very good work.

nice interface and results.a small suggestion,if normalmap has three frequencies(high,med,low) whose percentage contribution can be controlled it will be useful.

Hi, I’m really glad that free market is growing and growing everyday ! :slight_smile: BTW: Did you try to compare your program with mine? :slight_smile:

xNormal can create normal maps from diffuse as well, I believe. That said, dunno how good it is.

No, I did not know your program, seems pretty powerful. I’m aware that my program is lacking many features that one might expect from a map generator, however it’s basically “in-house” software written by me for me, I’m just sharing it as open source in hope it might be useful to others.
My goal is not to write the 1000st normalmap generator but to write a program that automates the steps I would otherwise do in software like Photoshop to create normal/spec/displacementmaps. To be honest I’m not quite there yet, but I don’t have too much free time to put into this program.

.a small suggestion,if normalmap has three frequencies(high,med,low) whose percentage contribution can be controlled it will be useful.

Good idea, I saw a video of CrazyBump showing a similar feature, I just have no idea how to implement it right now.

thanks.what i do is separate texture to 3-4 frequency(detail) scales using “wavelet decompose” plugin for gimp(,generate normal maps with different intensities,layers in overlay mode and merge. -in this tutorial one normalmap is blurred to different amounts,overlayed and combined.
Another useful feature to have would be adding two normalmaps.

Already using Awesome BUMP



Basically the idea behind AB is the same as in your case :slight_smile: I like the idea with the processing list, I think I will add this feature in future!

This is awesome. Thank you for this; I’ve been searching for a free/opensource app for creating normal maps, that runs on Linux. Thumbs up!

you sir are a saint

Just tested this with Photoline’s external program link (which pretty much allows any image editing app to be used as a “plugin”. It works like a charm. Thanks for the effort and work on this. I was looking for a simple normal map generator.

How to set it up:

  1. open Photoline
  2. Filter–>External Programs–>Manage External Programs
  3. click the + sign, and browse to the data folder of NormapMapGenerator, an select NormalMapGenerator.exe and click “Open”
  4. Set the exchange format to PNG, and the exchange type to “Layer” (or “ASK” for more options later on - I prefer to send layer groups and layers to external apps)

That’s it. Close the dialog, and perhaps attach a shortcut key to this new menu option. Now select a layer, and send it off to Normal Map Generator. Easy, and no need to leave Photoline.