Free Scenes for Download ⬇

Pretty great offering.

Out of curiosity, are your free scenes very changed?
You see below the version I downloaded and rendered in eeVee

I am asking because if I send interior design students to this thread and they see all your render thumbnails they might expect to see the same when rendering your free scenes.

Just curious

Hi @cekuhnen,

The free scenes aren’t changed at all, I’ve printed the screen just before uploading them. I have just downloaded it in my notebook and have tried it for myself, everything was normal here. As a test, I deleted the Lighting Cache and tried to render again, my scene, then, looked just like yours.

I’m guessing if you Bake Indirect Lighting again, everything will be back to normal.

Let me know if that solves it.
Thanks for asking.

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Incredibly generous. Impressive human being u are.

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Thank you Filipe, much appreciated!

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Thanks for these.
I rendered a version of the bathroom scene:-

I hope you don’t mind that I redecorated a bit


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I don’t mind at all. It’s great to see these scenes put to good use.
Great job on the green wall shader.

Hi folks,

New scene for you to play with: Bed and Bathroom

As usual, all textures were stripped out and, if you just hit the render button, you might feel that the image is lacking contrast compared to the original renders. That’s due to the custom LUT I was using and ain’t able to include here.

This is what a viewport render will look like:

:arrow_down: Download (Octane)


Thanks for sharing.

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Many thanks.

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Oi, boa tarde, Filipe! Sorry for the bump in the thread after so long, but I actually have a few questions about this bed and bathroom scene, and what better person to ask? I’m doing an archviz scene of my own, HDRI set up with internal lighting, and a custom LUT. That was all explained brilliantly by you, by the way.

My issue is actually a modelling one. You’ve managed to make a decent looking tucked in blanket. Seems like a small thing to get right, but I don’t see anyone but actual professionals pull it off in 3d art. I see plenty of “drape a plane over the bed and call it good”, but an actual folded blanket is something else entirely. I modeled a high-clearance wooden midcentury modern style bedframe that doesn’t look good with draped bedding. There are thousands, literally thousands of out-of-date bed tutorials that crowd out my search results with subpar methods for creating a bedspread. I have tried many combinations of search terms. So I’ll just ask you directly? How do you do it?

Hi there, it was actually quite simple. I found this free model at 3dsky that was close to what I needed and just tweaked a bit in sculp mode with the Grab brush to better fit my bed frame.

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