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Hi there Blender folks,

I’m planning on sharing here some scenes I’ve worked on in the past year. I had to clean everything I’m not allowed to share like image textures and most models, but there’s still some things to explore. The first one is the scene from my Beira.Mar Living thread. When I first start learning Blender, exploring other people scenes was the way that helped me the most on understanding how things worked and where I was making mistakes. So here it goes, it’s nothing fancy but I hope it helps.

This is what you are actually getting.

  • Render settings (Cycles)
  • World settings with no HDRi (you can find plenty of free ones at HDRi Haven)
  • Compositing settings
  • All lights
  • All cameras
  • Some models
  • Some shaders that have only procedural textures

Any problems or doubts, feel free to ask.

:arrow_down: Download


Edit: Someone asked me about the licensing on these. It’s all CC0, feel free to do whatever you want with it.


Second one. The scene from the Carrara Bathroom thread. Two versions here, one I had previously made with Cycles that have actually two different bathrooms and the one I posted the final images made with Octane.

Cycles Version:

Octane Version:

Same deal as before, no textures or copyrighted models. All settings, cameras and lights are there.

These are the final images of the bathroom that wasn’t shown on the original thread, just so you know what’s supposed to look like.

:arrow_down: Download (Cycles)

:arrow_down: Download (Octane)


That place where people usually sleep in, rendered in Octane.

This other version was actually rendered with E-Cycles and has more stuff in it…

These were the images rendered with E-Cycles

:arrow_down: Download (Octane)

:arrow_down: Download (E-Cycles) (Works fine with regular Cycles I guess, never really tested)


The Kitchen Job, E-Cycles

:arrow_down: Download (E-Cycles)


Beach Apartment Interior, E-Cycles

:arrow_down: Download (E-Cycles)


Thanks for sharing.

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Never made a thread out of this one.
You can have access to the instances by going the secondary scene in the file, or typing in the search box “Make Instances Real”, or you can download this great addon and just hit Tab on your keyboard. Working with instancing in this type of scene makes all the difference. First version I’ve uploaded I had used “Make Instances Real” for everything to be easy to access the geometry and I got a file size of 350mb. Went back, left the instances there and got a 40mb file. Not to mention other aspects it optimizes, like memory usage, render times and viewport responsiveness…

:arrow_down: Download (E-Cycles)


These are fantastic! By the way, if you do a lot of work in the arch industry, the BlenderBIM Add-on might be useful to you, allowing you to read and write IFC files in Blender.


Thanks, man. I’ll check that out.
Just had a peek at your portfolio, great stuff there. You’ve been doing some great work for quite some time.

Thank you so much for sharing these files, very useful! :+1:

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Very nice scenes! :clap: Thanks for sharing

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Thanks so much for this invaluable assets! Wondering what are your thoughts regarding Octane, since you seem to work with both cycles and Octane.

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My thoughts are very superficial at the moment, have been using both for a relative short amount of time. In my experience Octane seems to deal with materials a little better for some reason, things look sharper, especially reflections, but that may just be me not knowing how to use Cycles properly, and the Texture Displacement in Octane is a beauty of a thing. Octane also seems to suffer less when rendering big images, something like 3000x3000px and I really like the fact that it renders progressively by default instead of the bucket thing where you only see a little portion of the image being render at a time. Cycles have that option, but it’s way slower. In the other hand, Cycles is better integrated, everything just works, there is a lot of assets around, particle hair along with the Principled Hair shader works really well, Cycles nodes are very rich, you can achieve so much with them, there is a lot more material out there if you want to learn Cycles and it comes from a great group of folks. Anyway, great options for us these days, pick anyone of them, live long and prosper.


Thanks for sharing. This will help me with some archviz studies! Take care and be safe. G

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Thank you very much for sharing your great works.

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You’re welcome, I hope it can be useful.

Welcome to Blenderartists!

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A Study in Olive, rendered with Octane.
You can find the chair I used in the Octane version here.

This is what you get in the Octane version

This is what you get in the Cycles version

Images made with Cycles

This is what you get in the Eevee version

Images made with Eevee

:arrow_down: Download (Octane)

:arrow_down: Download (Cycles)

:arrow_down: Download (Eevee)


Thank you!!

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@flimabotelho Thank you so much Filipe for this incredible gift! I will definitely pour over these very useful scenes. And thanks to the info you posted, I also discovered about the free version of Octane and the affordable photo editor Affinity Photo.

P.S. I also appreciate your reply back in August regarding E-Cycles in The Kitchen Job scene. Somehow this site didn’t notify me of it at the time, but I finally was able to read your views on it… :grinning:

Have a great day!


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Thanks, Adam. Hope it helps.
You have a great one as well.