Free Web Space?

I know this has been posted a couple times before, but I’m asking now, for an up to date answer…

where can I get at least 5 meg’s of reliable webspace? (helps find stuff fyi)

Don’t do it! It’s a trick!

You can try to find webhosting.

yes, I very well know how to use google… and don’t think that I haven’t looked MANY times before… I’m simply asking, if anyone has a cool site that they use that offers what I’m asking!

Jeeves is right. Tripod and Geocities suck harder than I do for 10$. (Please ask me)
Go to, it’s better better, but still sucks. At least it has PHP and mySQL support.


yeah was just throwing out the most obvious ones. maybe check out

doesn’t your ISP offer you 10 Mb?

oh well.


well, I’m about 14 right now, I don’t know anything about my dad’s isp :expressionless:
thanks for the replies guys, I’ll check those places out

What are you looking to use the space for? I could do it but If all you are doing is posting images try the link in my sig. will be giving free space to contributors soon as well.

Cool i’d better contribute something… I know I’ve got a nice campfire!

well, I’d be putting up a website in flash… and I’d be putting up animations… I just go to for images…
oh yeah… and maybe sounds too…

And you only need 5mb?

How can you do a flash website with sounds, animations, etc… in 5 megs??? is good tho.


well I’m not extremely picky so I said at LEAST five megs…

If you have cable or DSL or anything better you could always just host yourself…only problem with that is your computer needs to be on all the time… I’m building a cheap server out of old parts I have kicking around and am going to keep it in my closet lol

at least 5 megs?
thats kind a low lol :wink:

much webspace and easy.

I’m using geocities just now because it was the best free server I found. It gives 15MB free and has fast reliable servers. They have fixed hotlinking now too so it doesn’t suck as much as it did.

I only have a plain site so I can’t judge it on any fancy web service support. One thing in its favour is it doesn’t have a filesize limit. That led me to reject many of the free servers I came across. Only 3 out of about 50 I tried gave unlimited file size.

That in the last post is the same. It, like many others have a 1MB file limit. That’s ok for image galleries but I have some 2-3MB animations and some may well be higher in future.

Sadly, I’ve hit my limit on geocities so I’m checking out that tripod site. If it has an upload limit too, I might just make another geocities account and hotlink to it (couldn’t before).

you guys know that you spend MORE TIME looking for a good free provider, than it would take you to get enough money from a paper-run or mcdonalds job. in order to buy your own space.

i have a host that offers a $25 USD a year service.


Yeah, I know, but I also know that GIMP and Blender are free whereas Photoshop and Maya are not. Sometimes it’s nice using free alternatives. Beats working for a living ;).

I have to agree with Alltaken on this one. Free servers suck, but the gimp and blender do not :wink: