From Maya to Blender 2.8

Thank you guys this has been quite helpfull, I will follow quite a bit from what was said and suggested.

Thank you rukk & SaintHeaven, that helps a lot.

I switch from 3ds max after 17 years including 6 teaching it and i am very happy with my decision and i can work a lot faster now without crashing every 10 min!


Folks… I just marked a whole mess of replies to this thread as being off-topic. This is not a thread for beating whatever particular UI drum you have with respect to Blender or any other application. The OP is looking for ways to ease migration. Stay on topic.

Just to end on a positive note. In case noone has said it yet, blender has a great, and helpful community. Dont be afraid to ask questions along the way :slight_smile:

… and, in case no one has said it yet, BA has a great and helpful team of moderators. It ain’t a thankful job, but it’s gotta be done and you do it well. Thanks.



Amen to that.

a passionate and sametime funny community that they love his ship :joy: