Fullmetal Regrets VERSION 2 UPDATE PAGE 2 (9-20-05)


This is Alphonse, a character from the popular anime series Fullmetal Alchemist. Took me between 10-15 hours. Just a smidge of post-pro in gimp. I hope you like it! Please leave C & C :slight_smile:


It looks good overall, but the feather/hair in the back looks almost solid, like clay or something.

Other than that, it could pass for one of those 3d anime series characters, only FmA isn’t one of those. Anyone know what I mean? Like Zoids?

And you forgot the Alchemists’s logo on his shoulder and the marks under his eyes. Are they cutouts?

seems like there should be some bolts or something holding his collar down where those rings are.

First off good work. The head got plenty of detail but i think the armor and body sections just doesn’t look right. Also the colour for the armour looks a bit too clean :slight_smile: afterall the metal alphonse was is from AL’s house which is quiet old.

Overall good work

thats awesome work. Cool shaders, can you do a complete toon render?

I agree about its rahter clean surface, although you could get away with it if you did it in full toon. But i like it none the less.

I really like it… it looks really cool with the smoothness cartoon effect… the only bad critisim i would say is the eyes dont seem to flow… but really, that isnt important…

i really like the detail in the whole thing… :smiley:

I’ve never wacthed the show before so I don’t know if he looks just like anime version,but overall it a very nice render to me.I notice you stayed away from the blender toon edge(I stoped using it also),but you still got a good NPR look.Did you use AO on this?The shadows seem a little ambient Occulded,but I like it.

I haven’t seen the show either but I think the quality is excellent. The modelling, lighting and shading look great to me.

The only thing I’d say is if the white thing is supposed to be hair, it looks a bit rigid as AdmiralSenn pointed out.

Thank you to everyone for the comments and compliments. I am almost finished updating it, including making the hair less rigid, a logo on his shoulder, the marks under his eyes, bolts on his collar, and more bolts on his armor to add detail.

Yes, I did use AO in the original render because it brought out some detail that was otherwise hidden. The update will likely be in full toon (no edges) since he doesn’t seem to be particularly “dirtied” in the anime.

I might try an HDRI version too, just for kicks :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay tuned!

I like it. It looks just like him
I have watched that anime 5 or more times 8)
Its really incredible dont miss it :smiley: 8)

Looks good. Not much to criticise. Little bit of typography and other graphical elements would spice it up.


i am definately a fan of FMA, an all there really is to say is that you nailed it!

great job keeping true to the actualy art style as well, kudos!

dude ! That is sweeeet! The shading is real nice for the anime style, little Q can you post the shader you used to make it ?

Otherwise is needs some kinda extra background but it looks great as is

Cool… never saw such a good TOON-shading… amazing :Z

Wow Great Job, I love full Metal Alchemist!!! How were you able to achieve the Toon effect? I never knew blender was capable of that is a noob to all things 3D

How were you able to achieve the Toon effect?

Toon shade maybe? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure if I remember this correctly but the mirror colour has to be darker than the material’s colour. Just the flower pot toon shading tutorial I had a glimpse of.

I love this toon shading effect :slight_smile: it sure creates that toon effect and a quick way of achieving manga shading eh? :slight_smile:


i can just say WOWOWOW :o

Very nice use of the toonshader! The best I’ve seen!

Nice, even though the shading is kind of odd (toon + AO?). I like it. FMA rocks! :smiley:


Thanks to all for the compliments and comments. I took a lot of advice like about the hair and other details, and i’ve worked on the image a bit more extensively in post pro. Yes, there are some aliasing problems but even high resolotions with full osa materials and 16 OSA didn’t solve it.



Let me know what you think of it!