.,/-Fumes-\,.**UPDATE**First Level, Basic Cam Demo .exe**Game Project....

Alright, Ive been checking out tutes and other projects, and have decided to make my attempt at a game. In all likelyhood it could crumble, but Im trying my hand at it anyway.
Alright, this will be incorporating my last project, The Realtime MiniCity I was working on:


So Check that out if you want. Its not finished, but Ive decided to combine it with the actual game project.

Ive got a tad more than a basic knowledge of the game engine, and Im planning on this being a learn-as-you-go kind of thing. Again, It wont be anything complicated, but Im fine with that.

Basic Story:

In the Near future Terrorist Cells across the world have just finished a new chemical weapon, and launch it on pretty much everyone. They are fine, as they have some sort of antidote. They say they will distribute it if Major leaders of countries agree to their terms. The leaders decline, instead setting their scientists to work, looking for the antidote.
Backtrack a bit…
The few who had some sort of warning of the attacks have hidden in old fallout shelters. A college guy from Generic City finds that his girlfriend is missing, and(wearing a gas mask inexplicabley attained) takes a crowbar out, and prepares to find his lost girl.
He finds that the gas has some sort of mutative agent, decomposing the victims, while still sustaining some life, and fueling agression and adrenaline levels in the body(yes, they are smart terrorists).
And so…

Yeah, its not super original, but thats the basic premise. After a couple days of work, Heres the main character. He doesnt look amazing(especially his face) but the game is first person, so its not too big a deal.
All C&C welcome and wanted.
Thanks for looking,
PS Rigging still in progress…

I actualy think your model is really good, but his legs look abit flat & no life, its maybe just the lighting and the angle, also i like your textures, and im thinking it will fit in and contrast well with your city youv been working on,

good idea, good concept

good luck


Thanks a lot man, Its good to hear my model didnt look too crappy :wink:
Alright, Im making progress, Ive got the walk all set up, Working on the other actions. When Im finished, Ill post the .blend with all the actions.
I was having some more blender crash issues with the walk, until i disabled collisions on my charcater…???/ Why does that keep happening to me?
Anyway, Ill update again soon, thanks again braveheart
Keep posting everyone else.

Alright, Im debating whether or not to make this game 3rd person or 1st…
Ive made a few actions, fall, punch, walk. Im gonna make a walk back, and then Ill have to make some more when I start adding weapons…
Here are a couple of mid-action screenies. Tell me what you think.
Thanks for looking, all C&C WANTED

Excellent! i think you should make it a 3rd person game because you have made nice actions, show them off :slight_smile: i especially like the punch,
Well you clearly are a good animator :stuck_out_tongue: i am looking forward to seening the outcome of this game.

Is this gona be a action game or adventure?

will there be more fighting or exploring for stuff?
again well done
Keep producing this sort of quality and your game will be fab,

Good Luck

Thanks man. The whole reason I was leaning towards 3rd person is that the animations turned out so good :slight_smile: Im actually an animator at heart, But the GE is so fun, and who hasnt wanted to make a video game?
Im thinking that It will be more explorey(yes, i invented that word) in some parts and more fighting in others. I want it to be fun to just walk around in, so theres a lot of work to do in the actual environment.
And I think that its more actiony than adventure.

Ive decided to name the main character Jason…

Im moving on the weapon modeling, a fun subject. A few guns, but definatley things like pipes etc. Once thats done, Ill stick him in the environment, and start working out the physics of that( :stuck_out_tongue: ) and then…well, Im not there yet.

Sorry for such a tiny update, heres ‘walk back’ kind of a crouched walk, so I may use it for both.
Thanks for looking C&C wanted

This looks great, nice work. If you get the time, I would like to see a wire frame of your character. It looks really smooth.

Yeah, And heres why:
Its a bit higher poly than Id like, But I guess thast how it goes. Luckily, It stil runs alright in the few test runs Ive done in the environment…
peace, and thanks
PS I will be working on lowering the poly count…

Ive combined the Model With the environment, and it rolls fine. Here are the controls:
forward, back, rot r, rot l, all arrow keys.
Shift is punch, a-key is fly( :wink: )
I think thats pretty much it. This is in 3rd person.
I guess its a bit stupid to put my files out like this, but I guess If you exploit it, wutever(its not that good ;P)
The Very First FUMES test file:

SCREENIE(bit dark, sorry)
Thanks for looking, all C&C wanted

Thats cool. My only complaint is that you walk pretty slow. Keep it up.

Yeah, Im thinking the same. Ill probably have to reanimate the walk, make it a run or something. Speeding up the action just looks dorky.
Game heroes dont Power-Walk :wink:

looks stable but he looks a little big dont ya think

Yeah, Im still working out all the size ratios…

besides that its lookin good…

Briliant! just brilliant! but i do have some ponits for you to work on:

  1. The camera angle is crap, make it a littlt higher and farther away from the charactor (not to much).

  2. when he walks he moves his head to the right, it gets repitive because when someone is walking around they dont constantly keep moving there head to the right :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. He walks a little slow, try reanimating a little bit of a faster walk and fix the head swaying :slight_smile:

Except for those things its great, real good work well done!


Awesome dude :slight_smile:
Oh and can Jason get some hair please, and ummm… glasses…
Just my two cents… :wink:

Well, yeah hes kind of just got a buzz right now :slight_smile: I will work on that.

  1. The camera angle is crap, make it a littlt higher and farther away from the charactor (not to much).

Thank you. Blunt, to-the-point: honest. Thats the kind of criticism Im looking for.
Update to come soon…

Hey free_ality. Here’s my comment:
Braveheart gave a compliment on your texture but I think it really is a temporary texture. If the environment is so realistic(well not too realistic yet, but you’re still working on it) you’ll need to give him a good texture before placing him into the game. I think Braveheart already changed his mind :wink: .

Yeah, Im not a great texture painter, so it definately needs work.
That may end up being one of the last things I take care of though. Im trying to get the rest of the game set up, then Ill be perfecting the textures, models(ratios and whatnot) and the like.
Thanks for the advice, and for getting right to the point :slight_smile: