Futuristic Low poly Hover Scooter for IOS game.

Futuristic Low poly Hover Scooter for IOS game.

I want collect some ideas for a hoverdisk.
Something like this, but bigger, more edgy with a revolving ammunition depot.

Character not included in this gig.

The final concept would be:

A girl surfing on a kind of hoovercraft disk, holding reins in the hand.
The disk has a revolving ammunition depot for some self-flying stakes.
This depot is mounted at the back like the tail of a scorpion.

The style is futuristic, think about Tron, but dont copy.
Sorry, the payment for each model will be a shame, but at least
its payed, at the level of fiverr.com gigs

Would you like some help learning to model?

If you can’t really pay,
you can always grant me a favor in the future,
friends are better then money,

Thank you for this suggestion. Unfortunately I’m the producer, programmer, audio designer and composer,
which already is too much to do. :wink:
I only have a low budget of 2000 USDs for this game.
The budget for 5 raw lowpoly concept variations of the scooter is 50 USD.
The models should just give an idea, no details are needed.

When Im happy with the concept, I will look for a modeller which can give me
ZBrush illustration quality using the lowpoly as a base.
For the high poly task I have a budget of 80 USD.

I dont know, if its possible, I just try. :wink:

I am interested. Here is my portfolio - http://karan.myartsonline.com/3d.htm

Sounds like a fun project, I can do this for you, both the low poly and high poly if you want.
Heres a link to my portfolio , send me an email if your interested [email protected]

On a basic scale, is this what you’re looking for?
I didn’t know what to do with the revolving ammo depot, so I just put big guns on it. It also has headlights.
Done in the blender cycles engine, 2.65

Hello Dr. Krunch, nice model, that big guns/revolving ammo would be mounted at a scorpions tail.

The overall design should be more Tron/Transformer, Mech and the platform edgy and stretched, no disk.
Im still looking for more models, other ideas are welcome, would pay 10 USD for a decent model, which can be used as base.

I worked on it a little bit and decided:
Make a more powerful base, and put big engines on it


How is this?

What kind of IOS game IS this?

Dr. Krunch,
the engines idea is fine. If you make the tail physically connected, I will buy this as a concept.
PLease contact me per PM.
The gameplay is basically a vertical scroller, but it will have a modus where it changes from orthographic to projection ,
showing the scene in 3d.

nice model, but how would the girl ride this thing?

The platform should be more flat

Could you please give me some concept or already finished graphics of the game? I would like to get an Idea of the game´s style to create something that fits into the game.

thank you. Im here to get some concept ideas, so this is the very beginning.
As for the style, Tron is an idea, but I dont want to copy.
The player is moving with the hover over a landscape of voronoi cells.

I would like to see a concept of a skate fish with a scorpions tail.
Not organic, but segmented transformer style.


its a tank :slight_smile:

Isee, that wont work.

Well, so let me get this right…they are in combat, in the open… so they can…? are they wearing a full suit of armor?

I just don’t understand I guess, :slight_smile:

Pm me, iv got alot of experience in hard surface modeling or contact me via my site www.ionee.org

This image might give a hint of the required proportions of
body, tail, ammo and steering character.