futuristic samurai warrior -WIP-

Heres something i started working on today…
Im only starting to get the basic shapes here for the armour…
My plan is to make futuristic armour which still looks like an old age samurai armour…
No swords or katanas but some hardcore firepower for weapon :smiley:

heres a simple sketch that im using as ref…

so c&c welcome

Got base of the helmet done…

Is it any good?

I like the body armor but meh at the helmet. Maybe it’s just because I don’t know what they look like.

not what i had in mind when i saw the name of the thread :wink:
anyway i tihnk your desighn is pretty cool, only crit is that it seems a bit flat/square.

thanks for comments…

heres an update, not much though :frowning:

@N-Gon: Yeah the helmet still looks kinda funky, I’ll work on that…

@Pork: I will change the topic, it really doesnt suit this project well :o

Apart from the helmet as mentioned , i think its coming along quite nicely and follows the concept sketch. i think on the concept sketch the helmet looks more sunken down into the body and is wider.

Thanks hazza for your comments :slight_smile:

I think I’ll stick with the current helmet style, I have started to like it :smiley: dunno why though
and Im still going to improve it…

Last update for this day…


Looks pretty nice.
I would recommend either raising the helmet or lowering the shoulder thingys as it looks kinda hunched

i like the way your modelling this making it look very realistics

Heres an update again…

some details and from new_neos advise i lowered the pauldrons a bit…

Also some tweaking with the main body, I noticed it was way too thick from the chest area :eek:

and thanks ARABIAN KNIGHT :smiley:

space marine samurai style.
Only I thought the helmet to be a bit different.
And he bends forward a bit.

Yep 40k style warhammer stuff

For me its really spoiled by the helmet, it is soooooo not samurai - more english civil war roundhead. Do a google and you’ll see that they are very different from this. The face mask is a noh style ‘scary face’

I can understand your going by the refrence but, he really needs a neck.

Very good modelling, nice and stylish work so far. But without a sword, I can’t see him looking very samurai-ish. Could he not have a lightsaber instead of a gun-type weapon ?

Thanks all for so many commets :slight_smile: they all have been notified

Now some ansvers:

I’ll change that helmet, cos it havent got any other than bad comments, and I agree with you that its kinda lame, so it will be changed.
But to make things clear, I know what a real samurai helmet looks like and Im not going to make the helm look like that, because i think they look ridiculous :smiley: and it would ruin the futuristic look IMO, but maby something little like that atleast :rolleyes:

and what comes to the neck.
The armor is a bit warhammer stylish as denshidan sayed, so its quite massive and thick, and quite high from the sides, so it provides the best protection.
So if you imagine a human inside armor like that you really cant see his neck :wink:
And the inner parts of the armor arent yet done, so sure there will be somekind of neck, etc…

@Rhysy 2: No i think he cant have a sword of any kind, because the armor is quite massive (as sayed earlier) and so its not very agilite, so he would suck in martial arts, cos he couldnt move too well :wink:

But maby somekind of blade as extra weapon wouldnt do any harm :smiley: so Ill see about that…

looks great, but as already mentioned, just lean away from the halo/medieval armor/english civil war look.

Just thought…

futurist samurai helmet = darth vader

lol - and that does look ridiculous

do you mind if I have a go at a futuristic samurai helmet - just as a diversion… : )

Also - I totally get the neck thing. Im looking at a book of space marines now and I think the problem is that the chest isnt wide enough. Its just high. Try and see if scaling the breastplate along the x axis and moving the arms out makes it look right - and hopefully doesnt just end up looking like an american footballer…

Just saw a pic today of the new command & conquer and it looks like this I think. Allso an “oversized” armour making the neck dissapear


But lovelly if you don’t look at the helmet :slight_smile:

That looks much better!
I think that maybe a katana would work with your model (as well as guns of course)

Would it be possible to see some wires please?

I did a test of a futuristic samurai helmet…it was fun… :slight_smile:


I suppose the round thing at the front needs a hose

Its spurred me on to having a go at a whole character