Gale the snail and the lady bug

Hello guys,

This is a personal work i did to improve my look dev & compositing skills.
I started with simple box modeling to get a rough block out of the set then took the assets to Zbrush for detailing and brought the high res model back into blender to bake the normal/displacement and AO map which i used in the texturing process. The textures for the rocks and the mushrooms were done in photoshop the snail and the lady bug in Mari.
Used very basic shaders for rendering in cycles and rendered everything out in an multi exr.
I used basic blender cycles passes i only made custom mattes for compositing.
The final touch was done in Nuke.

feel free to comment or ask any questions


Looks really nice

A thumbs up from me!

Thanks 3Boyutcu :slight_smile:

That’s a really sweet image, with a story. It looks like Gale wants to be friends with the lady bug. I look at the image and get a bittersweet feeling.
And so I gave it 4 stars :slight_smile: (I don’t usually rate posts)

Thanks @michalzisman for your comment and the 4 stars rating :slight_smile:

Very well done!!!

I like:
Composition and storytelling.
Maybe you could have clipped out around 14% of the “empty” top to have a better balance but ok if you want a squared image.

I don’t like:
Color grading,
you’ve clipped out at least 30% of details, by clipping S&H just to give to the image a “dreamy” washed look.
I mean… 30% of data lost, it’s huge!
IMO you should have try to get the same dreamy mood differently, keeping more contrast and a wider dinamic range of tones.

Snail skin material. It looks very dull.
Same for the big stone, very clean and smooth.

Lens aberrations
Holy sheep, how much cheap must be your camera lens to give all these micro distortions?:wink:

Anyway, it’s a good project.
Well done.

thanks @andrea.ailic

thanks @LazyVirus for this constructive feedback i immediately rendered out a new version with less chromatic aberrations :slight_smile:
great that you liked my project

That’s great! I love the whole scene.

Thanks @GarrisonH

Man, that’s a lot of maps! I don’t even have a clue what most of them are… Great job though! Looks awesome!

thanks :slight_smile: @TJs3

I love it. Great work!!

Thanks a lot @marcelkade

great work!

thanks @heljoshin

Gorgeous work. I love the lighting and composition.

This is phenomenal, especially appreciate the post processing