Game Content Contest #3 (Entries Closed)

Game Content Contest #03
Once Again AD-Edge has one the right to pick the new topic and that topic is:

Favorite Movie Character


  • Model’s poly count must fit into the respective category and must be taken from Tri count (Convert to tri’s before giving the count) (ex. BGE content will have a slightly lower poly count than Next Gen, although lately, this looks like BGE will be Next Gen soon :D) (For this contest we are shooting for around 2000 tris or less!)

  • Models do not have to be textured, but if they are the max. texture resolution for either category is 2048x2048 (that’s plenty)

  • Any ‘map’ may be used with your model (Normal map, Specular map, Bump map, etc)

  • You can create as many entries as you wish but each entry MUST have a poly count and wireframe render included.

  • The winner of the previous contest will pick the theme for the upcoming week.

  • If possible, a realtime screenshot may be included. (ex. BGE screenshot for BGE content, or Source, UE3, Crysis, etc… screenshot for Next Gen), again this is only optional.

  • Models that are added to the webpage will be free for non-commercial use. All models will be released under the Creative Commons License.

  • If you do not want your model available for download, do not post the blend, obj, 3ds, etc…

Entries need to be posted by Noon (GMT-4) Friday Sept 12th. That gives you about two weeks to complete your entries.

Good Luck to All,

So what is the tri count for this category?

I would guess that it would be a couple thousand polys, nothing too high, but characters can be pretty poly demanding.


My non-scientific google poll, shows that 2000 tris should be a good number for a character model. So lets go with around 2000 tris. It is not a hard and fast rule, if you go over, you go over. The main thing is that a great model with a lower poly count is going to be more impressive than a similarly great model with a higher poly count.

Alright, here is my final model. I had to speed up the last bits of the texture (hence the distortion on the eyeballs)

Compressed .blend


@all: One thing I forgot to mention, for the next voting thread, I am going to try to use One small image for each model and then links for the other images you upload. So if you can either create around a 300x300 version of your main image or at least tell me which one is your main image, I will try to get everyone a large thumbnail for the voting thread. The 300x300 image will link to your full size image. Remember to also include links to your wire frame and any other views you want.

@yournamehere: Placeholders are fine but not necessary. However, I will create the voting thread in order that the entries appear in this thread, so You would have the 2nd or 3rd slot, if you edit your place holder with your entry.

yay finally i managed to actually find a gameart contest /in time/. :wink:
Hm… the rules are somewhat confusing though.

So here it is… didn’t have too much time for it. Hence the crappy texture… :frowning: He weighs 1917 triangles without the “gun”.

A turnaround flash video thingy and some more images can be found here.


@paulR: We do probably need to rewrite the rules to be a little more strict. The original goal was to try to be inclusive as possible, thus the BGE or NextGen option. I am open to suggestions for rule changes, this is only the 3rd attempt at this contest, so the more input the better.

I hope you don’t mind, but I created a WIP thread… sheesh, I’m to self conscious about these type of things :mad: :smiley:


Place Holder

Oh…Also…Do T.V. Characters count?? Cuz i dont really have a favorite movie character…


edit: i started on something but i have a feeling my idea will be stolen XD if anyone thinks of it =/

@LGB, what character are you thinking of? I can’t think of too many popular TV shows that have not spawned a movie or two.

Gir…from Invator Zim…Well Its a tie between Gir and Hammy…But i really wanna do gir because its gunna be easier.Lol


tobad its not real =(…lol

I really dont know what todo…this is a pretty tough topic…Because I suck at making people !

Hey LGB, no one said it had to be a person. There are lots of non-humanoid movie characters. Think Wall-E or even the mechanical birds from Elephants Dream.

or jack skellington XD thats what im doing, he’s pretty easy

Actually, I think the easiest from Nightmare before Christmas would be Oogie Boogie. You would need a good burlap normal map.

How do i create normal maps? Thanks matt for the idea(im not gunna do Boogie)