Game Engine Competition - Winners Announced

Hi folks,

The winners of the 3 categories have been announced. The overall judges vote ended up corresponding with the community vote ( which would kinda make sense ).

It’s a shame that there can only be one winner, but I’m sure everyone will agree that the Blender GE community is the overall winner - the 2.49a GE has been shown to be able to produce some fantastic games!!!

Personally I really liked the logic brick only category in the competition - it’s amazing what a non-coding artist ( but with technical skills - if you know how to manipulate faces and vertices in 3D to form something that looks good, you’re already pretty technical :slight_smile: can create with Blender, an idea, and plenty of time and coffee / red bull :slight_smile:

It was a great competition, and something that we should definitely organise again in a few months time. It would be great to get a resource to collect funds from the community itself ( 20 Euros here, 10 here all could add up to another pot or Euro 500 - or higher!!! ). I was very happy to donate the Euro500 for this competition fund, but I might not have the spare cash for the next ones - my bar tab needs paying off :slight_smile:

If a future prize fund was adequate, it could allow more categories, as well as maybe even 2nd and 3rd place prizes. This would of course have to be agreed with the community first.

Categories and winner…

  1. Graphics: NATURE
  2. Gameplay: DukDuk
  3. Logic Brick Only: Cube

Here’s looking forward to Blender 2.5 and the new, customisable UI - one idea for a category for the next GE is “Best level editing UI” :slight_smile:


Congratulations to the winners. And thanks to the one lonely soul who voted for me!

I must admit, the organization could have been better for the competition. But I believe the people who won deserved it :slight_smile: Now who’s up for a 2.5 competition? xD

Congrats to the winners and props to all who entered!


Congrats to the winners, some wonderful games, and like Andrew, thanks to the one person who voted for me :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to get started on the next contest!


That was a really good competition. I expected half the number of entrants. Congrats to everyone who managed to get their game done, and especially the 3 winners. Guess the drinks are on your guys tonight eh?

Congrats to everyone, everyone of us put all our effort in our respective entry, and hope this competition helps to show how good the Blender GE is, no matter if you uses python or only Logic Bricks, and i hope in a future could be more competitions with more categories and 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners.

links to all the winning games please?(I am to lazy to search for them atm)

yey, DukDuk! i love the visuals for this one

congrats, this is great!

Congrats to all participants, Thanks for the 40 votes received in Ruinas and all comunity!!!

> I must admit, the organization could have been better for the competition.

I hope the next person who organises it does it better :slight_smile:

Just out of interest, are most entrants planning on working on a new game after the competition? What type of game ( sequel, or something completely different )?

i think I’m going to make a game more arcade, but trying to get the better graphics i can with less load to the cpu/gpu to make it possible to play in more computers, i’ll be focused in gameplay/graphics. that’s all for now, still creating storyboard.

for Nature, i think i’ll be updating it less regularly to make it better, adding more elements and trying to optimize the scene.

Great job guys

I’m going somewhere completely different with my next game. Instead of a racing game, I plan on making an FPS/Puzzle game. This will focus solely on graphics and gameplay. It will be a small game, so as to take full advantage of the time available. Pretty much the opposite of Burning Rubber.

Congratulations. Here are the links.


Edit: Just played cube, and it is so fun! Graphics are amazing! :smiley:

Thanks JesusFrk!

I’ll probably be updating my game to use Python so I can iron out the bugs and have a lot more control over basic movement. Hopefully I’ll add a few levels to get to 5… but we’ll see. I’m working on other game projects at the moment (learning PyGame and messing around with that kind of thing), but hopefully I’ll be able to give you guys the “full Cube experience” I’d hoped would be done for the contest.

I’ve got ideas for a much “grander” game, but it’s something that I’d actually like to fully develop before I share it with everyone. It may be quite similar to Cube in some aspects, but there will be a lot of replayability ;).

Congratulations to all of the contestants and the other 2 winners! Can’t wait for the next contest!


Congratulations for winners and everyone who create games for this competition, I enjoy the way that playing :slight_smile: