Game engine still in development?

so with upbge 0.3.0 / upbge 0.2.5 the bpy and py api are GPL’D

Logic tree are considered ‘program output’ same as eevee shader graphs.
we can use bpy module to access and load external caches in ANY format and use scene.convertBlenderObject() as a form of uber libload.

side note - one could edit a copy of a blenderObject → convert it and replace the original with it in game
(add logic bricks etc)

@Villi89 and @SterlingRoth, thanks for the info, and actuallly I’m not too bothered about the actual protection of assets because I agree, any game can be hacked anyway. I was thinking more along the lines of how easy and clean it is.

For example, if I made a game and wanted to upload it for people to download, it would be nice if they only had to download one file regardless of what platform it was for, so that they can just click on it to run or install the game.

Anyway, it’s really good to hear of UPBGE being developed. I was really annoyed when they removed the game engine from Blender, because I had just started getting into that logic screen where you connect the game logic blocks. If they had not removed the game engine, I might still have been into trying to make games, so I’ll definitely download it and see what’s what with UPBGE - cheers :+1:

I thought bpy in standalone was 0.3.0 only?
Yep, just tested. Can’t import bpy in standalone, not in 0.2.5.

With access to it in legacy I could just use my encoding for textures and meshes, then decode at runtime. That’d be cool, I can get better compression that way.

But the real problem for me is the only viable way to write logic in C is recompiling the engine, and even at that level you’re still dealing with what’s essentially python objects whenever you want to as much as set a coordinate. Not a fan.

Though to be fair my usecase is a bit nuts. I want about a thousand agents so of course I’m going to need something custom-made, there’s simply no way around it.

support for compute shader was added to blender itself,

this can be leveraged to do GPU armature skinning I think.
currently it’s used mostly for hair but they plan on using it for more things over time.

You could get sued if you release an open source game with assets that use copyrighted textures. Because it’s like sharing copyrighted photos and that hurts the business of websites like It’s mildly infuriating, all these damn laws. I just want to make a game with decent textures & I don’t want to have to make the entire thing from scratch. What, do they expect me to go to mine and collect aluminum ore to craft my own computer, write a new OS, and make a bunch of seamless PBR textures with my handmade DSLR too? Even then, I’d probably get sued because I’d have to make computer hardware that’s identical to copyrighted hardware to even be compatible. Copyright sucks.

If there isn’t a way to release games under a closed source license, then games won’t be able to use high quality textures from many websites because they’re copyrighted photos. As a result, it becomes much harder to create realistic games with good graphics in UPBGE. Sure, you still have CC0 textures, but their library is very small compared to which introduces severe limitations. It’s in our best interest to allow releasing closed source games. Like, I personally have zero problem releasing an open source game, I’d like to actually, but these texture companies will sue if you release their textures open source. And having high quality textures in games is extremely important to me. And I’m trying to design games, not get out the camera and start my own textures website.

It was a while ago but from what I recall the crashes with my GPU skinning came from a synchronization issue. All the support I got was ‘check the backlog’ so I never bothered to figure it out, but since nothing like it ever popped up when I tried it on my engine (which is single threaded) I concluded it wasn’t *just* my code at fault.

Now, I have not tried out compute shaders, only transform feedback. I’d suppose if the modifier needs to read the data CPU-side that it’d be a similar deal.

For legacy UPBGE right now the fastest thing I’ve tested is making dll calls from ctypes for heavier calculations and then having objects pick up values through a component’s update. It’s not the best possible thing but it beats recompiling Blender, that’s for sure.

Embedded Blender is still available in the archives 2.79b
Downloads - Circumnavigation - Past Ages and Bygone Times - 2020 - Game Engine / Works in Progress and Game Demos - Blender Artists Community
Many embedded games or simulation can be made using 2.79b

I made about 50 but various software problems not blender related scuppered many of the routes.
15 terraint true to life, based on real terrain still available for download, possibly more as about 10 seperate pages over the years.
Any amount of ship simulations can be/could have been made with what is available in 2.79b. Blender unfortunately has changed tack and original aims of Blender are now completely different.


I love all of the nautical slang in this post.

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