Game Over

This was a collaboration with Colin Behrens.
Can you guess the Mario Kart racetrack this was inspired by?
Done in Blender, 3DF Zephyr, Gimp and Substance Painter. Post processing was done in Photoshop.
This image took us quite long to make, about 50h. It took us 6 months to complete this project in total, although there were a lot of brakes in between.
I started by drawing some concept art for this scene. After that Colin photoscanned the tree trunks that hold the banner with his drone. We created the mesh using 3DF Zephyr and then retopologized the trunk. If you’re interested in buying the tree mesh, you can get it here:

After that I blocked out the scene and started modeling the tires, the road boundary blocks and the banners. I also created the textures for the banner and the posters in Gimp. After that we textured the assets in Substance Painter and started adding more details to the scene, such as a lot of plant and rock particle systems as well as adding some assets from our previous Mario Bros. project such as the bob omb.
Here’s a link to that project if you’re interested: Forgotten Childhood
We also refined the other shaders and spent a long time figuring out the ideal lighting for this scene by trying a lot of different hdrs.
For this project we used some great assets and textures from Graswald, botaniq as well as
I hope you like the scene, we’d be very grateful for feedback in order to improve in the future

This fanart is completely non commercial.
All rights to the Mario Kart franchise belong to Nintendo Inc.

Here are some additional passes/renders:


Bob Omb Closeup:

Tire Closeup:

Tree Closeup:

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Hahaha, it’s so somber in comparison to the Mario Kart games

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Yeah we wanted to achieve a realistic post apocalyptic look. We wanted to visualize how a lot of people grow up and maybe forget the games of their childhood or at least stop playing them.

Very cool, I love this deteriorated look as it’s so radically different from the happy Nintendo vibes!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you very much! Have a great weekend as well!

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Wow it looks awesome! I love the attention to detail here. I would really like to go there and explore that world.

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Thank you very much! They actually opened a Mario themepark recently in Japan. Although it looks a lot brighter and inviting there than our image.

That sounds really cool! I’ll look that up, thanks. Do you have more closeup renders of the assets btw?

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Here’s a render of the scanned tree:

I’ll render some more closeups of the other assets soon.

Here’s a closeup of the tires I modelled for this project:

I really like how the trees and tires look, great job!

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