Gates of Hell *MAJOR EDIT - READ!!*

(S68) #1

As pointed out by theeth this contest would have superimposed with Blender on the Haunt contest if this latter were to be issued.

There was the general thinking that this would not have been the case but, luckily, Blender on the Haunt is out there.

Being On the Haunt an historical Blender contest it has precedence, of course.

Since the theme is not so different, orange and I are arranging to hold both the contest together, on the same site, with appropriate voting systems.

The previous rules to this contest will hold as long as they do not interfere with the On the Haunt contest rules, so… STAY TUNED!!!


(SGT Squeaks) #2

This sounds like a great contest!!! :smiley: I dont really like rule number 5 though, I think everything should be made from scratch after the starting date. You know, to get more practice. :smiley: oh, and where is rule number 6?

(hannibar) #3

Nice contest! I’d love to enter.

(theeth) #4

maybe you could postpone you contest Stefano, since it will be exactly at the same time as On The Haunt III

Cool contest though


(SGT Squeaks) #5

I thought on the haunt 3 was canceled. Orange said he couldn’t do it this year. He said it in this thread.

(BgDM) #6

COOL!!! I will definitely do this one. I wil also do a new model as well, (/me thanks Stefano for mentioning my WIP, that I never did finish BTW).


(Timonides) #7

As far as I know, yes On the HauntIII has been cancelled by orange!!! :frowning:

Too bad :frowning: because I was counting on that contest as an official premiere for my work ( :wink: )

Hey Stefano!!! Just a proposition…

Could it be possible and make some changes about the Theme of your contest proposal so it would be some kind of a replacement of OTH III???
A lot of people were dissapointed by it’s postpone…

Anyway, even if you leave it the way it is right now, I’m definetely in!!!

I’ll open the Gates of HELL for you… 8)


(S68) #8


I didn’t realized Haunt III would superimpose… But SGTS pointed also that post… so I will wait a little before changing deadlines :slight_smile:


(BgDM) #9

Here is the image that S68 wanted to show. This was a WIP that I abandoned, because I went on to other stuff and I didn’t like the way this was turning out.


(Idgas) #10


(valarking) #11

i’d like to enter, but im christian and it just doesnt feel right to participate. sorry. :frowning:

(Idgas) #12

me too valarking thats why I am posting that pic try to get people to think twice about the fantasy of HELL!!! But that is for a different thread.

P.S. please tell me what you think everyone.

(S68) #13

/me too is Christian, valarking, and of the Catholic flavour, and the poem I cited is a XIII century poem of a very Catholic guy in a very Catholic late-middle-ages Italy…

Sorry you don’t feel like participating :frowning:


(pofo) #14

But hell don’t need to have anything to do with religion. Not anymore than Elysiun has to do with greek mythology :wink:

Why not make the gates to your own little personal hell?

  1. pofo

(Timonides) #15

No!!! No!!! That would be too horrible… :o


(Xampersand) #16

My own personal hell…

How should I go about rendering my in-laws moving in permanently? :smiley:

([email protected]) #17

well im not christian and i have no qualms about going all out on this one count me in this is gonna kcik some severe rectum!!!

(S68) #18

This is the only question on the rules. Up to now.

I feel like keeping it since you are not obliged to reuse your old models but you may use some small details you have already ready.

If at least other 2 people from here to monday 30th agrees with SGTS I will change the rule.

No changing of rules after October 1st.

Who needs rule number 6? :slight_smile:

(Rule number 6 was: It is forbidden to use a compter monitor of wichever type in the modeling/rendering process)


(humphrey) #19

Man there seems to be a lot of Christians using this forum!!!

I too am a Christian and was brought up in a Catholic church (S68), even though I am now protestant :-?


me too valarking thats why I am posting that pic try to get people to think twice about the fantasy of HELL!!! But that is for a different thread.

God gave us all gifts, and why not use our abilties in 3D to show people the truth? How scarey hello REALLY is. I’m sick of a red Devil Satan walking around with a pitch fork… Let’s make peoples hair stand on end when they see 'The gates of Hell"??

(valarking) #20

I think the forum is very rounded out in that aspect.

I just think that participating is making light of hell. :frowning: