GE Question

Hey Guys;
I’ve been working with Blender since February, and I wanna start with the GE. I know lots of tuts but what type of Game is good for learning how to work with it? And also a Python Tut would be nice. If you have answers…

Im newer than that but i think a simple ball rolling game would be the best you know with obsticles and little ares that you havee to make sure you dont fall off of

I’m as new as you with blender
Start with playing others games…look at the .blends…, see how one game works,understand the connections between python and blender…try to make some small interactive demo…and the idea for your game will come by its self.
Start looking how it works here:

Best luck.

Noob to Pro:
Blender Wiki Tuts:
More Blender Wiki Tuts:
And as Haidme said, find some other game .blends, and use them for research.