Gel Plastic/Translucent Material

Hey all. Looking for a bit of insight on a shader I’m working on for a racket. It’s sort of a “gel-like” plastic that has a variable translucence based on the depth of the mesh. I’ve been working with SSS shaders to try and achieve the effect, but have had some struggles selling the look in a final render.

It’s a piece of the racket that holds the wire threading in place when it passes through the other side of the racket frame. Below is a reference image I’m working from.

Any suggestions on a decent setup for this?

there is no translycency, simply use a glossy mixed with a diffuse shader and add fresnel to it.
to get the distortion effect i would probably play with some sort of normal map.

Try this

Cheers moony - this is exactly the kind of starting point I was looking for. I actually had a similar setup at one point, so nice to know I was heading down the right path. Do you have any suggestions on reducing noise? I’d like to keep my samples around 750-1K for a final animated piece.

increase lamp’s size
use multi importance

can also use some clamps but not too much !

happy cl

Here’s a shader somewhat similar to the link but with some scatter and absorption. To reduce noise and render time, cut down on volume samples, and/or clamp indirect 1.0 - 2.0. Material name is gel, you may need to tweak scales and/or densities. Good luck.

gel on dropbox

1100 samples

ohh THAT plastic part, im sorry, i didnt notice that one :slight_smile:

Probably a better solution than mine - the glass/translucent mix can be pretty noisy.

I’m pretty sure I created my material before volumetrics had matured in cycles.