Geometry Nodes

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That’s clever. Still, a generic merge node would be nice. It would have a single group index input -all elements sharing a group index would be merged together. No need to build kdtrees and all that, probably a good performance saving

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Hi folks, thinking some more about this… I wonder if the following would seem useful ? →
Instead of having a “merge by distance” node (or in addition to it), what about splitting the merge functionality into its own node, give it an input where the user can connect anything (a sort of “merge index”) and make the kdtree (or whatever structure is used to store proximity) accessible on its own (new node) for other purposes? I wonder what these could be. I’m thinking geometry generation : creating faces or lines/curves between groups of points…
@HooglyBoogly you probably have other things on your mind right now,… but how does this sound to you? do you think it would open the door for new things?

One precedent for this kind of thing is the split edges node that went from “split edges by angle” to just “split edges” with a selection input


Kdtree, closest element that is not self would be dank


oh or return a geometry that is points !!
input index-> output that points data if it exists

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Getting really closed to being finished with this, been working on it for a while now in my free time and I’ve learned so much about geometry nodes in the process.

Really can’t wait for a loop node to be made, because having iterations avaliable would make a lot of busy work c/p node groups over and over. Ces’t la vie. I’m really happy with how it’s turning out.


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It seems that the community decided that this is the official support, showcase and everything else about Geometry Nodes thread. And no one can stop us. Old habits are really hard to break.

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I’ve noticed. I’ll continue on this in the other thread.

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