get along better with girls or guys?

I was wondering about this, who relates better to men as opposed to women, or vise versa. Not as in sexuality, but as in friends. Im a guy and most of my friends are women. Im curious as to how it is for other people.

Well, It depends. Females might be easier talk to, but you just can’t understand them completely, ever. Guys don’t talk that much, and it’s usually nothing that heavy that you talk usually with guys. But, I think that I get along better… Well it’s impossible to say, since people are so different. If it’s a very “manly” or what you call it, guy who plays a role of tough guy, then I don’t get along as well as with someone who doesn’t make such a big deal about his/her sex. I guess that’s one important thing.

I generally get along better with girls. I just find that I can be myself with them and open up to girls more easily.

Falgor x 2.

Which ever I end up going home with, doesn’t really matter to me.

I get along better with people =)

Hahahaha… I think it really depends on who it is. Generally, if I already have a girlfriend I don’t get along with other females because they seem to hit on me and I am a bit of a faithful person so I reject their hitting on me and they get offended so I get along better with men for the most part because men rock. Because we like steak, guns, knives and cars… Because we like oil under our nails and sweat on our brow… We watch football and drink beer… our best soloution to any problem is ‘Screw-it.’ (In the sake of profanity censorship) And that is why I get along better with other men, and my girlfriend because she is awesome that way. When I open up to men the only thing opening is a cold can. Call me stereotypical but hey, my testastarone is too high to open up to women better. (And because I have just been listening to AC/DC for five hours) I have nothing against women, I just get along with men well. With women it be subjective.

So your saying you might end up going home with a man or a woman?

The Jack

It’s more difficult to converse with the members of the opposite sex IMO.

There is more pressure to say the “right things”, since any possibility of a desireable sexual encounter depends on what you say.

When conversing with the members of the same sex (or an ugly member of the opposite sex) this is not a problem, because you don’t want anything from them, and therefore you don’t care.

Originally Posted by Al_Capone
Which ever I end up going home with, doesn’t really matter to me.

desperate aren’t you

Yeah i’m with Falgor, people who are people and don’t try and be their sex to hard core, I get along with fine.

no he’s bi mabye?

and it dosnt really matter if it’s a dude or a chick to me. i talk to both the same but dudes are easier to get along with cause you dont have to be as carefull around them

dudes for sure.

I can’t talk to girls, besides my girlfriend, they scare me.

I can’t really talk to anyone, here very well. They have a new trend of being morons. It seems that way.

Most of my closer friends are female, and I actually find them easier to talk to than I do guys.

But then, in no way am I a typical guy. Heh. Whaaaaaaaatever.


Come to think of it, all my freinds are of the xx configuration, so I can’t really say.

Guys for me…

If I get along with a girl, can only control myself to a point, as long, as I don’t get on the friends train. At least for me, its right, what chicks say about males, no secret at all. Dunno why, but wouldn’t want to change it.

Guys. Most girls tend to avoid me and my stench.

Also, most of the guys I know are nerds in some way or another, so that helps a lot. Never met a nerdy female…

Heh, I guess that might be why I differ from most.

There’s a bunch of gamer/nerdy girls at my school. ^^

Guys have allways been wasier to talk to, especially for me 1 or 2 years ago.

Now it is nearly the same but the problem is that I like to say stupid not true things which usually boys know I am joking but the girls (that I know) belive it.

And yea I agree with some of you. when you are with boys you don’t have to think much about what you are going to say, if it is going to offend them, adn stuff like that.

Lucky you.
When I tell a girl, I’m in computer science, they only role eyes…

So until I’ve found the right girl, I’ll talk with guys, talking to girls puts you on the friends train as fast, as you will not recognize it and thats not where I wanna end up in some cases… at least not jet.